Attack on Titan Final Season: Part One Retrospective

With previous seasons setting the bar in the stratosphere, the final season of Attack on Titan premiered on Toonami a month after its debut in Japan. But, it was...
Rating Post

The Future Of Ratings

Toonami Faithful Ratings stat checker Colt Buhr, has an update for those who have been wondering where the Ratings posts have been as of late.

Guest Article: How To Start Your Own Anime Podcast!

At Toonami Faithful, many of our readers and fans of ours have asked how we started a podcast or tackle a major project like that. It can be a...

Why I’m Glad Assassination Classroom Will Air on Toonami

(via Studio Lerche) The latest acquisition from Toonami could be the start of something extraordinary for fans. Besides bringing a new series to the lineup, Adult Swim pulls out a...

Not an Anime? Not a Problem!

Some fans found the addition to Ballmastrz controversial since it isn't an anime. C.J Maffris dives in to how Toonami was never meant to be an anime only block.

Opinion: Adult Swim’s App Isn’t Being Used to its Full Potential

I've talked in the past about how I think Adult Swim should partner with VRV to increase viewership, but one thing that Adult Swim isn't doing is tapping the...

Mob Psycho 100 Had a Second Season Right?

I'm only teasing with the title, as I am fully aware Mob Psycho 100 had a second season. The season has been lauded by fans on social media and...