Here is some of our Frequently Asked Questions. Please take a look at this before asking us a question. Just click a question to see the answer.

Q: Are you affiliated with TOONAMI and Adult Swim? A: No. We are a news source that merely promotes them to make sure we keep TOONAMI on the air. We do not work for them at all either

Q: Can you put *insert show/movie name here* on Toonami? A: We are not the official Toonami. We are a fanpage and news source. Please go to Toonami Tumblr to request shows or movies.

Q: Are you guys @ToonamiNews on Twitter? A: Yes. That is our official Twitter account for ToonamiFaithful.com.

Q: Does trending do anything to help Toonami? A: Trending does help Toonami. As a matter of fact, starting by Fall 2013, trending will count towards Neilson ratings so continue to trend every show when Toonami is on.

Q: DBZ related questions? A: When Toonami is ready to afford it they will put it on, plus its already on Nicktoons or WB. Please don’t ask us to bring it back when we have nothing to do with scheduling or cost.

Q: Is Nerdcore Absolution made by TOONAMI? A: No. This is a fan made project we made that includes songs about TOONAMI. It also includes songs unrelated to TOONAMI as well.

Q: Is the Toonami Faithful Podcast the official podcast of TOONAMI? A: No. While we hope one day to be the official one, again this is just a fan podcast.

Q: So if you are not TOONAMI, where can I contact them to ask questions and give my opinion? A: They actually have a page on tumblr. This is the only way you can talk to them at the moment. Toonami Tumblr

Q: When do the ratings come out and is it on a consistent day? A: The ratings usually come out by Thursday Night each week. This is not a consistent day since it has come out on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. They will always be posted on ToonamiFaithful.com when they come out and then a link will be posted to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Q: How can we contact you guys?
A: Fill out our contact form by clicking this link: Contact Us

Q: How can I listen to past podcasts? A: Go to Podcast.ToonamiFaithful.com. There you can listen to past episodes and also the Unofficial Toonami Podcast as well. 

Q: I have a question that I want to be read on the podcast. How would I go about doing that? A: Simple! You can e-mail us through our Contact Us page, send a question to our Tumblr page or use the hashtag #ToonamiTalkback on Twitter. Not every question will be read on the podcast, so keep that in mind when you listen for it.