One Piece Update

Funimation and Toonami have decided what they want to do with One Piece and for those of you that did not hear the news, here it is: - One Piece...

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Earnings

Sorry for this being a bit late, but we have been busy with the upgrade. As for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods debuted at #1 during the March 30-31...

TOM 5 Picture

Looks like Toonami has started to post pictures of TOM 5 again. I assume this means we will start to see pics rolling out from the Tumblr page as...

IGPX Is Back On Toonami April 27th with TOM 5 and Absolution 3 in...

JEArgumedo: The first and only original Toonami anime series IGPX has been confirmed to be coming home. After being written-off apparently someone at Production IG still loves the...

Toonami Faithful Panel Intro – Tora Con

Here is the intro to our panel. Thanks to Steve Blum for doing it. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

The Official Toonami Panel Video

Here is the official Toonami Panel video presented by Toonami on Adult Swim, Geek-E Inc,, MomoCon, and Enjoy and let us know what you think.