Toonami Ratings For October 28th, 2017

All data obtained from @SonOfTheBronx on Twitter: Son Of The Bronx/Programming Insider Oct 28th, 2017 (Samurai Jack S5 Marathon) Time Show Ratings A18-49 11:00am Samurai Jack 745,000 439,000 11:30am 675,000 376,000 12:00am 678,000 346,000 12:30am 618,000 328,000 1:00am 562,000 300,000 1:30am 569,000 325,000 2:00am 559,000 331,000 2:30am 496,000 288,000 3:00am 421,000 244,000 3:00am 447,000 267,000 Oct 29th, 2016 (IBO Marathon) Time Show Ratings A18-49 12:00am Gundam: IBO 1,293,000 802,000 12:30am 995,000 613,000 1:00am 878,000 530,000 1:30am 860,000 516,000 2:00am 769,000 462,000 2:30am 674,000 409,000 11:30am 492,000 326,000 If you want more data, you can...

Cowboy Bebop Marathon Airing After Trigun: Badlands Rumble

Due to unfortunate leak on TV Guide, Jason DeMarco has indeed confirmed that Cowboy Bebop will be running a tiny marathon after the Trigun: Badlands Rumble movie as a...

Toonami Ratings For December 10th, 2016

All data obtained from @SonOfTheBronx on Twitter: Son Of The Bronx/Programming Insider December 10th, 2016  Time Show Ratings A18-49 12:00am DBZ Kai 1,364,000 782,000 12:30am Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 897,000 515,000 1:00am Gundam: IBO 859,000 494,000 1:30am Hunter X Hunter 805,000 405,000 2:00am Naruto: Shippuden 727,000 405,000 2:30am One Piece 614,000 346,000 3:00am One Punch Man 583,000 330,000 December 12th, 2015  Time Show Ratings A18-49 12:00am DBZ Kai 1,515,000 848,000 12:30am Agame Ga Kill 1,223,000 717,000 1:00am Parasyte 1,056,000 616,000 1:30am Michiko &...

Mash the Button: Games at Anime Expo 2019 Preview

It’s hard to believe, but Anime Expo, the anime equivalent of E3, is less than two weeks away. Not only will this be my first time going to AX,...

Sword Art Onine: Alicization New Trailer Released

Aniplex released the newest trailer for SAO season 3 during Anime Expo 2018, set to premiere in Japan in October.

An Interesting Bump…

So tonight during the second episode of Family Guy Adult Swim ran a very interesting bump. Check it out below and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Music Video Contest

On the podcast, we told you we would have a music video contest. Well, here is the post we promised. Here are the rules for the contest: 1) No Pirated...