That Right Ratchet & Clank Are Finally! Getting a movie.

The movie’s being made by Rainmaker Entertainment, the animation studio behind Escape From Planet Earth, and Blockade Entertainment. Primary production is already underway on the film, which will feature voice cast members from the game franchise, including¬†James A. Taylor as Ratchet, David Kaye as Clank and Jim Ward as Qwark.

Rainmaker Entertainment was also formally know as Mainframe Entertainment, yes Mainframe that received Gemini Awards for Best Animated Program Series for three straight years between 1995 and 1997 for It was the first half-hour, completely CGI, ReBoot!

Yes ReBoot, Is one my all time favorites.

In the late 2006 Rainmaker had brought out Mainframe Entertainment, following its acquisition by the Rainmaker announced plans to create a trilogy of ReBoot films with illustrator/animator Daniel Allen as the lead character designer. Rainmaker Animation executive vice president Paul Gertz stated. Only to turn into dust and Rainmaker had close there doors on the fans you can find out more click here


Recently Rainmaker has become more active on the social media and had responded to a fans tweet. Which you can find here which states they are looking into it and want you the fans to tweet the hashtag #BringBackReBoot!


What does this movie mean for ReBoot will it can mean a lot of more sponsorships, more of those more money. Hell might see a game review for Toonami like how Disney did for Wreck It Ralph, but only time will tell.

Found out what Rainmaker hopefully plans to do with the series called ReBoot Click Here

Written by @Zerogamer