Written By: Darrell Maddox

Hailing from the Dirty South and representing the state of Alabama by way of Tuscaloosa, Ryan Jamaal Davis, better known as the “Infamous Prince of Nerdcrunk” KadeshFlow, is this month’s Geek-E Nerdcore artist of the month. Most of you may know KadeshFlow for his video game and anime related raps, such as “Bleach Anger” and “Hard in Hyrule”, but to add to his body of work, Kadesh did “Nerdcore Absolution” with Richie Branson and Steve Blum, which was released by Geek-E Productions/ToonamiFaithful.com last year. A talented musician, Kadesh learned how to rap and play the trombone at age 11. Kadesh has a love of writing, producing, and performing from multiple genres when it comes to music. He frequently performs around West Alabama with his band “Kadesh and The Perfect Strangers. One of the more unique qualities in his music is the incorporation of jazz into his arrangements. If you have ever taken the time to listen to his music carefully, this definitely gives Kadesh an one of a kind sound that makes him lyrically sound. Just like Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide, Kadesh is definitely winning when it comes to his craft in Nerdcore rap “Roll Tide Roll!” I would advise you also to listen to KadeshFlow’s newest song, “Immortal (IGPX) rap”, which was made in honor of IGPX coming back to Toonami. You can play and also download this song below. This song is the reason why we chose KadeshFlow as our Nerdcore artist of the month for Geek-E for May. Make sure to go pick up his new album Nerdcrunk Volume 3 on his website by clicking here.