Welcome to the newly designed ToonamiFaithful.com! It’s been an awesome year with Toonami’s return and with TOM getting a new look on the 27th we figured we would too. We hope you all enjoy the new site and continue supporting us along with Toonami. The news will continue to roll out as usual and hope you guys didn’t mind the down time.

I’d like to go over a few of the new features and coming soon features you can expect from the site:

  • ‘Contact Us’ form
  • Hub for fan made Promos/Bumps
  • Ratings Retrospective

We will be adding more of course but this is what is in the works as of right now. For more information as is comes on new features check out the ‘Announcements’ section on the forum. We hope you all enjoy this change and continue supporting Toonami and us.


Stay Gold. Toonami Faithful Strong!