Turner PR: Toonami Ratings Highlights for May 18th

Saturday night’s Toonami block also scored success: new episodes of One Piece (1 a.m.) and Soul Eater (1:30 a.m.) ranked #1 in their respective timeslots among all targeted young adults and men, Bleach (12 a.m.) ranked#1 in its timeslot among adults...

UPDATE: Toonami Staff Q&A This MONDAY!

This Sunday  Monday, the Toonami staff is doing a Q&A for the first time in what feels like forever! Be sure to ask nice questions and questions the crew...

Sword Art Online To Air On Toonami

  BIG NEWS! It has just been announced by Aniplex Of America that Sword Art Online will air on Toonami beginning in August.  This is the only confirmed information we have...

Toonami Ratings: May 18, 2013

Time Slot Show Slot Rating Slot 12:00a Bleach 977,000 12:30a Naruto 961,000 1:00a One Piece 995,000 1:30a Soul Eater 981,000 2:00a IGPX 597,000 2:30a Eureka 7 634,000 3:00a Thundercats 634,000 3:30a Sym-Bionic Titan 558,000 4:00a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 563,000 4:30a Cowboy Bebop 493,000 5:00a Inuyasha 546,000 5:30a Inuyasha 560,000

New “Star Wars: Rebels” Animated Series Announced To Air On Disney XD!

Were you upset when it was confirmed by Lucas Film that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was ending it's run on Cartoon Network with the last season with a...

Toonami Ratings: May 11, 2013

Time Slot Show Slot Rating Slot 12:00a Bleach 1,055,000 12:30a Naruto 1,048,000 1:00a Soul Eater 987,000 1:30a Thundercats 935,000 2:00a IGPX 815,000 2:30a Eureka 7 710,000 3:00a Tenchi Muyo! GXP 690,000 3:30a Sym-Bionic Titan 580,000 4:00a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 565,000 4:30a Cowboy Bebop 511,000 5:00a Inuyasha 506,000 5:30a Inuyasha 504,000

Toonami Ratings: May 4, 2013

Time Slot Show Slot Rating Slot 12:00a Bleach 1,138,000 12:30a Naruto 977,000 1:00a Soul Eater 925,000 1:30a Thundercats 822,000 2:00a IGPX 776,000 2:30a Eureka 7 735,000 3:00a Tenchi Muyo! GXP 710,000 3:30a Sym-Bionic Titan 659,000 4:00a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 625,000 4:30a Cowboy Bebop 602,000 5:00a Inuyasha 610,000 5:30a Inuyasha 623,000