Attack on Titan Final Season: Part One Retrospective

With previous seasons setting the bar in the stratosphere, the final season of Attack on Titan premiered on Toonami a month after its debut in Japan. But,...

The False Neverland: An Adaptation Gone Wrong

The criticisms in this editorial refer to The Promised Neverland’s narrative and Japanese production issues, and do not reflect the quality of the English localization.
Rating Post

The Future Of Ratings

Toonami Faithful Ratings stat checker Colt Buhr, has an update for those who have been wondering where the Ratings posts have been as of late.

Fire Forged Faith

What is faith? Belief in the unknown? Or a miserable pile of secrets? References aside, it is a question that we as a society have wrestled with...

Thank You, Kentaro Miura

When anyone thinks of modern gothic horror and fantasy, you inevitably encounter ideas shaped and influenced by Kentaro Miura--creator of Berserk. From fantastical creatures with strangely undulating...

Grisha Yeager and Propaganda

Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris dives into what Grisha Yeager represents as we learn about what actually happened with him in Marley, and how using information to your advantage is a powerful tool in anyone's arsenal.

Say Wha Say Whaa–? BO-BOBO!

What's the first gag anime scene that genuinely stuck to you? Mine is from within the first five minutes of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, where after saving the girl...