Grisha Yeager and Propaganda

Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris dives into what Grisha Yeager represents as we learn about what actually happened with him in Marley, and how using information to your advantage is a powerful tool in anyone's arsenal.

Say Wha Say Whaa–? BO-BOBO!

What's the first gag anime scene that genuinely stuck to you? Mine is from within the first five minutes of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, where after saving the girl...

A SSSS.GRIDMAN Retrospective

Suppose you’ve been in the Toonami fandom at any level within the past five years. If that’s the case you’ll have heard these suggestions/complaints at least ten...

Cosmo Samurai and the Importance of TIEs

Toonami fans have recently seen the finale (for now) of Cosmo Samurai, the first non-canonical Total Immersion Event (or TIE for short), a tradition dating back to...

Guest Article: How To Start Your Own Anime Podcast!

At Toonami Faithful, many of our readers and fans of ours have asked how we started a podcast or tackle a major project like that. It can...

“Access Flash!” or Access Denied?

New fans may find a barrier in the show’s nature as a reboot and homage to otaku pop culture.

Who is Reigen Arataka?

Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris dives into the complex character of Reigen Arataka, and how he might be one of the best mentors fans can see in anime.