Could It Air on Toonami? Winter 2017 Simulcasts

It's well passed that time again where the staff here at pick out series that finished up in Japan, that could air on Toonami. Obviously, with how much...

Looking Ahead to Sword Art Online: Alicization

@AnimeSavior checks out the premiere event for the upcoming third season of Sword Art Online to see what may be to come for Toonami in the future.

Shounen Sunday Variety

When shounen magazines and manga are mentioned, what comes to mind? You’d likely think of the juggernaut published by Shueisha, Weekly Shonen Jump (WSJ). (Though there is an actual...

Not an Anime? Not a Problem!

Some fans found the addition to Ballmastrz controversial since it isn't an anime. C.J Maffris dives in to how Toonami was never meant to be an anime only block.

Opinion: The Potential with Rerunning Samurai Jack

I still cannot believe how Samurai Jack ended. It felt satisfying to me and is exactly how I wanted things to go (give or take a few details). I...

The Shonen Jump Love Affair

Toonami has aired a ton of shows throughout its run, allowing it to showcase the appeal of action and animation to a broad audience. That being said, it’s hard...

Opinion: Lockdowns And Lockouts

San Diego Comic Con has come and gone and we have an announcement for the new show! Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure… At this point I’m only hearing the Announcer from Killer Instinct...