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Toonami Ratings For September 18th, 2021

Data from ShowBuzz Daily Sept 18th, 2021 TimeShowRatings12:00amFena: Pirate Princess298,00012:30amMy Hero Academia285,0001:00amYashahime227,0001:30amFood Wars201,0002:00amBlack Clover185,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden170,0003:00amAttack On Titan118,0003:30amDragon Ball Super105,000

Attack on Titan Final Season: Episode Seven Review

This week’s episode begins with a fantastic scene of the Scout Regiment swinging in harmony toward Porco (the Jaw Titan) as he realizes these soldiers do not...

Breaking News: Uzumaki Delayed Until October 2022

Adult Swim’s YouTube channel has released a video update on the upcoming Uzumaki anime, revealing that the series has been delayed until October 2022. During the video,...

This Week From Toonami

Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris along with Director of Social Media Celia Rose break down all you need to know about Toonami and Toonami related series for the week of 11/1/21-11/7/21

Who is Reigen Arataka?

Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris dives into the complex character of Reigen Arataka, and how he might be one of the best mentors fans can see in anime.

ICYMI: Jason Demarco Spearheads Anime & Action Series Production at Warner Bros. Animation and...

In a press release from Warner Media, they announced yesterday that Toonami co-creator Jason DeMarco has been given a new role at Warner Media. He will now...
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Toonami Ratings For November 20th, 2021

Data from Showbuzz Daily Nov 20th, 2021 TimeShowRatings12:00amBlade Runner: Black Lotus226,00012:30amYashahime166,0001:00amYashahime148,0001:30amFood Wars129,0002:00amNaruto: Shippuden119,0002:30amFena: Pirate Princess105,0003:00amDr. Stone99,0003:30amDragon Ball Super129,000