In a follow up to our AX article regarding Attack on Titan last week, we can now confirm that Attack on Titan will indeed return to the better cartoon show to simuldub its third season on August 18, the same day that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will also continue for Part 4 in Diamond is Unbreakable. Both shows will also mark the first time a respective Toonami-related franchise has been successfully renewed for a third season on the block since the revival in 2012.

It is yet to be officially announced what it will replace in the schedule when the time comes on August 18, if a schedule change is needed, or if an expansion is in the cards, though Space Dandy is schedule to complete its encore run by August 4. Season 1 of Attack on Titan previously aired in 2014, while season 2 premiered last year, and the franchise has been a commercial success both inside and outside Toonami’s scope.

The season 3 premiere was showcased to viewers during the Attack on Titan panel at Anime Expo as well as to viewers who attended the season 2 recap film Roar of Awaking in theaters last week. Season 3 will premiere in Japan beginning July 22 and the subtitled simulcasts will be streamed on Crunchyroll, FUNimation Now, and Hulu on the same date.

More to be reported as this story develops.

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