Breaking News: SSSS.Gridman joins Toonami on Jan. 16

Toonami took to their Facebook page this week to announce the official date and time when the hit series SSSS.Gridman will air on the block. Mark your...

Breaking News: The Final Season of Attack On Titan to Premiere on Toonami

The final season of Attack on Titan is coming to Toonami in the new year! Toonami’s Facebook page announced the last season will premiere on Jan. 9,...

Breaking News: Toonami Celebrates Thanksgiving with a Primal: Season 1 Marathon

Toonami’s Facebook page revealed that they will be running a special Thanksgiving marathon for the first season of Primal on Nov. 28. Since Primal’s first season is...

ICYMI: SSSS.Gridman to join Toonami’s lineup this Jan.

Last Saturday, Adult Swim had a special Toonami Panel that would take fans right up to the iconic block at midnight. During the final episode of Pre-Flight,...

Breaking News: Sword Art Online Returns to Toonami Nov. 7

Sword Art Online will once again return to Toonami, with Fire Force and Gemusetto Machu Picchu: Deathbeat(s) also premiering on the same night.

Breaking News: Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) Premieres on November 7 during Toonami

Adult Swim’s Twitter page has announced that Gamesetto Machu Picchu’s second season, titled Gemusetto: Death Beat(s), will premiere on Nov. 7 at 1 am during Toonami. 
shenmue key visual 1

Shenmue Anime in Production for Toonami

The cult-hit SEGA video game by Yu Suzuki is getting an anime which will air on Adult Swim and stream on Crunchyroll.