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After watching The Flash: Season 1, I had to get my hands on Season 2 and watch it. Is it as good as Season 1? Let’s find out in this review.

Six months after closing the singularity, things return to normal in Central City. But as Barry and the crew find out, the singularity caused breaches to open in the multiverse, more specifically onto Earth 2. Discovering this, a villain by the name of Zoom (played by Teddy Sears) starts to send Earth 2 villains through the breaches to try and capture The Flash. Zoom wants Barry’s speed to make him faster and it seems like he will do whatever it takes to get it. Getting sick of Zoom sending villains after him, Barry decides to face Zoom only to find out that he’s not as fast as him and as a result Zoom brakes his back. Can Barry figure out a way to stop Zoom and why does Zoom need his speed? The only way to find out is by watching The Flash: Season 2 on Blu-ray/DVD combo as well as Netflix on October 4.


Is The Flash: Season 2 worth watching? Yes it is. Several things went right in Season 2. The acting was a lot better. The Flash, even though it had a crossover episode with the show, did not depend on Arrow this season which was an issue for me after watching Season 1. The story line was not as good as Season 1, but it did provide a good story line that made you want to watch the next episode and not pause to watch another day. Zoom was a great villain thanks to the performance of Teddy Sears. He made Zoom believable as a character and the way he manipulated Barry throughout the story line worked well. Its also worth noting that the acting by the original cast I felt was very strong. Again, a story line can not be good without the actors in it and they did a great job with the story they were given which could have been better in parts as I explain below. This season also ended perfectly to set up for Season 3 which is an important thing to do.


That said, there were issues. The first episode didn’t wow me. Everything seemed to be explained quickly and I think it could have been flushed out better especially being the first episode. I mean the way Ronnie died, for example, made you think that well he wasn’t dead. I kept waiting to see him reappear especially since his counterpart Dr. Martin Stein lived. I get it: He helped close the singularity. But the way he did it, just seemed flawed and could have been done a lot better. Another issue was Patty (played by Shantel VanSanten), who was Joe’s new partner and after a few episodes connects with Barry and they start a relationship. I had no issue with the relationship itself nor her character. As a matter of fact, it was nice to see Barry happy. That said, the relationship and the character only lasted 12 episodes. It kind of felt like a waste of time to have such a strong character that actually worked in the story get shoved off the show so quickly in the last two episodes she was on.

Also, I can’t say having the Reverse Flash come back made any sense. In Season 1, we find out Eddy Thawne is Eobart Thawne’s ancestor and in order to safe everyone Eddy kills himself erasing Eobart from existence. So let me get this straight: Eobart is still alive since he came from the future? Definitely a flaw in the story line. It was unnecessary and for me should have not been in the show. That episode could have been cut and clearly did not need to be part of the story line not just in Season 2, but hurt Season 1 in my view.

All in all, I enjoyed The Flash: Season 2 and can’t wait for Season 3. I just hope that this season will be better than Season 2. As for a score, I give The Flash: Season 2 an 8 out of 10.

Be sure to catch The Flash: Season 3 October 4 on the CW.

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