Disclaimer: Before reading this review, read our review on Season 1 by clicking here.

Season 2 of Voltron: Legendary Defenders is finally here and to say I was eagerly waiting for it would be an understatement. That’s why I wasted no time watching Season 2. Let’s get into this review and find out how this Season turned out.

This season begins with the Voltron team being split up due to Zarkon’s attack at the end of season 1. The team is quickly able to find each other, but find out that this time around, Zarkon is going on the offensive. He has become obsessed with one thing and one thing alone: getting back the Black Lion. For those that don’t remember from Season 1, Zarkon was the first pilot of the Black Lion. As the team tries to find out how Zarkon is easily finding them, they are also trying to figure out a way to put an end to his reign once and for all. I don’t want to give too much else away so go watch Season 2 now to find out what happens.

So how does Season 2 of Voltron stack up? Well it’s more of the same and in this case that’s not a bad thing. Most of the things I mentioned previously in my review for Season 1 are the same. Solid voice cast and excellent animation from Studio Mir. The storyline in this season was also solid though I did feel there was a missed opportunity, more on that in a minute. This season has an excellent finale and great setup for a potential third season. As for improvements, it seems the forced jokes I spoke about in Season 1 were nowhere to be heard in this season.

Now to the negatives which again like last time are not many. Let’s first talk about the pace of the series. While I realize this season has only 13 episodes, it seemed a little rushed especially in the beginning. Around episode 4 the series slows down, but it leads to another problem: a missed opportunity. In the beginning of Season 2, the story line continues from where Season 1 left off as the team is split up. Again, I understand that they only did 13 episodes here and there’s a lot they probably wanted to do here, but I feel as though they could have stretched that out for another episode or two instead of being back together by episode 3. All in all, Voltron: Legendary Defenders continues to be one of the best action animated shows out there and should not be missed. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do. That is why I once again give Season 2 of Voltron Legendary Defenders a 9 out of 10.

You can find both seasons of Voltron: Legendary Defender now on Netflix. Go watch it now. You won’t be disappointed.

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