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Warner Bros and DC Comics has been putting out a lot of superhero series lately. One of these shows was Supergirl: A show that while some liked, it seems most people did not or at least the critics didn’t. This is why I wanted to check out the series myself and see if it really wasn’t as good as some said. Here’s my review on Supergirl: Season 1.

Supergirl is about a girl name Kara Zor-El (played by Melissa Marie Benoist). At 12 years old, Kara escapes doom on planet Krypton to find protection on Earth with the Danver family, where she grows up in the shadow of her foster sister, Alex, and learns to hide the extraordinary powers she shares with her cousin, Superman. Now at age 24 living in National City and working for media mogul Cat Grant (played by Calista Flockhart), Kara finds her days of keeping her abilities a secret are over when super-secret agency head Hank Henshaw (played by David Harewood) enlists her to help protect the city’s citizens from threats. Finally coming into her own, Kara must juggle her new responsibilities with her very human relationships. Along the way, she finds out her aunt Alura Zor-El (played by Laura Benanti) is not only on Earth as well, but along with several other kryptonians plans to take over the Earth and try to “save it.” Can Kara stop her aunt in time? You’ll have to find out yourself by buying Supergirl: Season 1 on Blu-ray/DVD combo or by watching it on Netflix.

So is Supergirl as bad as some say it is? No its not. Actually, I felt the series should have been given a lot more praise. Sure, there are problems with it, but nothing so serious that it was as bad as some say. Let’s talk about what works with the series. First, the story line in my view was actually good. Throughout the series, Kara’s character is developed really well showing flashbacks of her on Krypton and her human life growing up on Earth. This helps when seeing who this character is and it’s also worth noting it doesn’t go overboard. It also is worth noting that there are times when you actually connect with Kara in this series. You feel bad for what shes going through and pull for her to get through it. Again, the writers did a great job here. It goes to show the acting was spot on. The last episode ended Season 1 to a great conclusion while properly setting up Season 2.

That said, there are issues with the series. First, the first episode was a problem. I watched this episode twice and I have to say it’s not as bad as I thought. That said, there was something missing. I felt like the series had to make up for that episode and really the rest of the season was good. The episode with The Flash was also an issue. I felt like we didn’t see much of The Flash in action as we did Barry Allen. This episode did work well for what was currently going on in the series at that time, but The Flash had only a few scenes and in one of them he seemed useless. One other thing I would have liked to have seen is more character development of Kara’s sister. It didn’t take away from the show, but there could have been more development and what happened after their dad left. I feel as if this will happen in the next season of Supergirl. We will have to see. Overall, the series was not bad. It wasn’t as good as The Flash: Season 1, but it was a lot better that what critics say it was. This is why Supergirl: Season 1 gets an 8 out of 10.

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