“I am not alone. Do not underestimate humans, Meruem. It’s Meruem. That’s the name your mother gave you. Meruem, king of the ants, you really don’t have any idea do you? You know nothing of the bottomless malice within the human heart. I’ll see you in hell, if there is one…“

–          Netero, Hunter x Hunter (Ep. 126)

The Toonami Trending Rundown for January 19-20, 2019. It was a night of big fights as Netero has his epic battle against Meruem, while Boruto tries to stop Sumire from completing his father’s and Danzo’s wishes, and Mob and Teru attempt to rescue Ritsu, among other great moments.

It was a bit of a tough night for trending with Manny Pacquiao’s decision victory against Adrian Broner being the talk of the town, among other things, as on Twitter, only Megalo Box and Hunter x Hunter would trend in the US, while on Tumblr, only Toonami would trend. The full list including statistics and tweet counts from the twitter app and Amr Rahmy’s analytics app can be seen below.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been killing it in the box office this week, as the film made its debut topping the charts with an opening gross revenue of $7,033,088 and as of Sunday Night, the film has grossed approximately $21,072,594, making it currently in third place in the highest grossing anime films in the US of all time, only trailing behind the first two Pokémon movies. On opening night, we also saw #DragonBallSuperBroly trend as high as 4th on the US Twitter trending list. If you haven’t seen it already, we definitely would recommend checking it out if you get the chance.

Tune in next week for the penultimate episode of Mob Psycho 100 season 1, among other great moments. Until next week, we wish you all a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and always continue to strive for the quest for fairness and equality.

Legend: The shows listed are ordered based on their appearance on the schedule. Show trends are listed in bold. The number next to the listed trend represents the highest it trended on the list (not counting the promoted trend), judging only by the images placed in the rundown. For the Twitter tweet counts, the listed number of tweets are also sorely based on the highest number shown based on the images on the rundown.

United States Trends:

  • #Toonami [Trended with #MegaloBox]
  • #MegaloBox [#16]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [Trended with #MegaloBox and #HunterXHunter]
  • #BlackClover [Trended with #MegaloBox]
  • #HunterXHunter [#7]
  • #Shippuden [Trended with #HunterXHunter]

Tweet Counts:

  • #Toonami [3,982 tweets]
  • #MegaloBox [1,099 tweets]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [2,210 tweets]
  • #BlackClover [1,213 tweets]

Amr Rahmy Counts:

  • #DragonBallSuper [#4 with 2807 tweets]
  • #Boruto [#16 with 1685 tweets]
  • #MyHeroAcademia [#4 with 2883 tweets]
  • #MobPsycho100 [#15 with 1104 tweets]
  • #MegaloBox [#21 with 695 tweets]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [#14 with 1253 tweets]
  • #BlackClover [#19 with 878 tweets]

Tumblr Trends:

  • #Toonami

Notes and Other Statistics:

Edit 1/22 @ 4:00 pm PST: Added Tweet Counts section. Thanks @myanimewaifu for the contributions.

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