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January 11-12, 2013 PA

“I can’t stop you from destroying your own ship [Luffy], but if I win, I’m taking the Merry and leaving. Either way, when we’re done, the last bond between us will be broken.”

–          Usopp, One Piece (Episode 236)

The Toonami Trending Rundown for January 11-12, 2014. If Twitter wasn’t nice to us last week, the site sure wasn’t very nice at all to us this week as technical issues plagued the site throughout the whole day, meaning that we can’t really gauge this week’s social media buzz. Fortunately, some folks were able to spot some trends on the phone app regardless with #SpaceDandy, #NarutoShippudden, #OnePiece, and #SwordArtOnline managing to be spotted there. I should also note that every show from Space Dandy to SAO and InuYasha were also spotted on the tailored web trends, but considering the varying algorithms regarding those trends, we can’t really count those.

Intrestingly enough, the last time this happened was during SAO’s 2nd week on the air, and this is Space Dandy and Shippuden’s 2nd night on the air. Let’s hope that this doesn’t become a trend for Twitter and hopefully things will get better next week. Though it does make me wonder, Meow was using social media a lot during last night’s Space Dandy that the antagonists were able to chase after him. Did he cause Twitter to break in the process? Who knows?

Of course another month means another Q&A session. Among the questions answered on air, Toonami cannot return to “daytime Cartoon Network” hours for censorship reasons among others, Space Dandy is…well pretty much everything plus the kitchen sink, and Toonami will air Blue Exorcist in March. Note that while it is expected that it will replace SAO, SAO is scheduled to air it’s finale at Feburary 15, so who knows?

In Sailor Moon news, the new series has unfortunately been delayed again, this time with a (subbed) premiere set to air sometime this July. Hopefully the wait will be all worth it soon.

Other than that, I don’t have anything else to say other than see you again next week for another round of the better cartoon show. And speaking of next week, remember the “Bootyjeans” scene from Sym-Bionic Titan? Well, next week’s episode of Sword Art Online has a scene that reaches a similar level of infamy, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Legend: The number next to the listed trend represents the highest it trended on the list (not counting the promoted trend), judging only by the images placed in the rundown. For the mobile app trends, the listed number of tweets are also sorely based on the highest number shown based on the images on the rundown.

Mobile App Trends:

  • Toonami (During Naruto and FMA Brotherhood) [#2 with 11.1k Tweets]
  • #SpaceDandy [#1. Tweet count unknown]
  • #NarutoShippuden [#3. Tweet count unknown]
  • #OnePiece [#2. Tweet count unknown]
  • #SwordArtOnline [#1. Tweet count unknown]

Special thanks to @anthonywhite21, @GamerGirl207, @JpopJams, @OtakuWarrior, @TheAngelLam, @TimMorrisUSA, and others I forgot to mention for spotting the trends on this list.

Only Toonami on [adult swim] on Cartoon Network.