It’s been 3 years since Toonami returned to broadcast TV and we have gone through not just a lot of shows, but a lot of changes. Looking back, Toonami was in its simplest of forms borrowing its graphics form the TOM 3 era on Cartoon Network. Let’s take a look at the first intro to Toonami. For the first time in Toonami’s history, a rapper had is song as part of the intro to Toonami. Richie Branson has since gone on to be very successful, but his song and this intro live on.

Then, as Toonami has done many times in the past and even now, the first game review back was I Am Alive. Here it is if you forgot the review.

These are just some of what happened that day. The other promos and title cards from that night can be found online. What are your memories from that day? Let us know by commenting below. Happy 3 Years Toonami. May we have many more to come.