Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin announced during this week’s Toonami Pre-Flight that the Toonami panel at Momocon will be livestreamed on this Saturday May 30th at 6:30PM EST. This stream will then repeat until Tuesday June 9th at 5:00PM EST when a new episode of Toonami Pre-Flight will start streaming.

We will also be covering the panel with the help of Momocon and providing an exclusive interview with the Toonami crew that we hope you both took part in and will enjoy.

According to Jason and Gill, there will be key announcements about Toonami’s future plans at the panel and some previews of things to come as well as some giveaways for people in attendance. So most of all we hope you can come to the panel, meet the Toonami crew and the Faithful crew and get a chance to get some cool Toonami stuff. However, if you cannot be in attendance, you’ll have plenty of chances to see the panel starting this Saturday at 6:30PM EST.