In our fifth installment of our 13-part series of interviews from Anime Expo 2019, CJ Maffris caught up with Marissa Lenti, an ADR Director, ADR Writer, and voice actress for the likes of Sound Cadence Studios, FUNimation, and Sentai Filmworks.

Among some of the topics they discuss, Marissa explains how what a day as an ADR (short for Automated Dialogue Replacement or Additional Dialogue Recording) Director is like and how that’s helped her in both acting and directing.

Fans know her best for being the voice actor of Cocotte in Dragon Ball Super during the Tournament of Power Saga, and she expressed her excitement in getting to lend her voice in this iconic franchise in this iconic block. They also discuss some of the other productions she has worked on outside of Toonami’s scope, including a non-action series that both she and C.J fondly remember (Gamers!).

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