Welcome back to another installment of This Week From Toonami, your weekly round-up of everything Toonami-related that happened within the past week! Check out the news below to see what you may have missed, as well as highlights from this week’s Toonami and projects from our staff.

At the end of the latest airing of Toonami, Adult Swim gave fans a few shorts to help fill due to Daylight Savings. During this time, fans were given a seven-minute video to show behind-the-scenes in the making of Blade Runner: Black Lotus. With the debut scheduled for this Saturday (Nov. 13), viewers got a chance to see what was done to help make this project a reality (something Jason DeMarco mentioned on Twitter that took five years to come to fruition). The video features the executive producer (Joseph Chou), Shinji Aramaki (Co-Director), and Kenji Kamiyama (Co-Director) as they give you their thoughts on the making of the series!

Have you been a fan of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon? Well Toonami fans, for Nov. 20, viewers will get two new episodes of the continuation of InuYasha. Starting at 12:30 a.m., Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha will get their turn to take up an hour of the block. While there are a particular group of fans miffed by this latest news, it’s still pleasant to see that Toonami is giving everyone a heads up at what their schedule will look like at a reasonable time. We might go more in-depth about this topic (depending on interest), but Toonami Faithful will keep you up to date on all the schedule changes that are coming as we finish out 2021.

And if you’re pumped about Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon airing on Toonami, then you’ll love to know that the second season finally debuted its English dub on Crunchyroll, FUNimationNow, and Hulu this week! Much like with the first season, fans of the dub will be able to check it out there! We are not sure if Toonami’s acquisition of the series will follow as it did previously, but it is something for fans to keep their eyes on in the future. So if you’re excited to see more Moroha (cause who isn’t?), you’ll have your chance on any of these select streaming services to find out what will happen after the final episode of the first season!

After reaching the U.S., the latest My Hero Academia film, World Heroes’ Mission, hit fourth in the U.S. box office this weekend. It earned over six million dollars in the U.S. on its debut weekend, ranking fourth in the country during that time, continuing to prove how successful anime films can be outside of Japan. It was making huge waves in Japan, much like Mugen Train did when it debuted, and has had rave reviews stateside as fans see what Deku got himself into to be labeled a terrorist in this new story. FUNimation also held a huge event showing all kinds of celebrities and cast members decked out to enjoy the new story for our favorite pro-heroes in training!

FUNimation commissions art from Western Comic book artist Ryan Stegman to celebrate the new My Hero Academia film. Stegman is best known for his work in series like Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Venom, and X-23He also stated that he’s become a fan of the series and that his kids (and himself) are obsessed with the popular anime. FUNimation also held a giveaway last week for the pencil work of the work Stegman did. It’s a very cool thing FUNimation thought to do, and it’s fantastic to see how much My Hero Academia is making a splash in the world that inspired it!

Kodansha this week announced that it had awarded Hajime Isayama its third Noma Publishing Culture Awards for his work in creating the hit property Attack on Titan. Isayama won the award due to the impact of his manga and story while also having over 100 million copies sold worldwide. The title has been a global phenomenon and has captured the attention of many people all over. It’s especially nice considering that the manga has finished, and the anime will follow soon next year! 

It was a jam-packed week for the Sword Art Online franchise. Starting things off, the Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night film debuted in Japan and took the number one spot at the box office. Dec. 9 can’t come soon enough as FUNimation plans to release this movie in the U.S., both subbed and dubbed for all to consume and enjoy. Plus, considering how popular the film seemed to be, a second Sword Art Online -Progressive- film was announced in the works titled “Kuraki Yūyami no Scherzo” (Scherzo of Dark Twilight)! So for fans of the light novel series, it would appear that more of those books will be adapted! Of course, there have been other films for the franchise, and now fans of that can catch Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale- on FUNimationNowand Crunchyroll. Toonami fans might want to spare some time to check this one out, considering how viewers needed information from this film to better understand moments from the Alicization arc. And finally, the crossover experience continues as Sword Art Online is collaborating with Marvel’s new Eternals film. A mega-poster featured both properties’ latest films, in a great combination that has many fans talking. Also, in the tweet below, a video link showcases the two similarities in the two films. Both have been getting many excellent reviews, so it might be a good idea for you to check these out when you have the chance (and safe to do so). 

Over in Japan, a new revival screening will be held involving both Gozilla and everyone’s favorite Ham-Hams. Fans will get to check out an old Godzilla film and get some Hamtaro-themed gifts, including a “Tottoko Hamtaro” and an illustration postcard autographed by Ritsuko Kawai.

During his fight with Re-Destro, Tomura Shigaraki reflects on his journey from the young quirkless boy Tenko Shimura to the leader of the League of Villains in My Hero Academia. After murdering his family when his decay quirk finally activated, Tenko wandered the city streets searching for comfort, for a human connection. However, his intense gaze and compulsive scratching frightened people from stopping to help him, except for All For One, who adopts Tenko. He tells Tenko that his itching is a manifestation of his innate desire to destroy, and he encourages the boy to indulge so that the itching will stop. At first, Tenko hesitated, but he gave in and killed two thugs who beat him up on the street. Later, Dr. Ujiko explained to All For One that Tenko’s memories are locked away, for the time being, leaving the boy unstable and keeping his decay quirk from reaching its full power until the right time. All For One gifted the hands of the men he killed to Tenko and gave him a new name: Tomura Shigaraki. Now that his memories have finally returned, Tomura strips himself of the remaining hands and faces Re-Destro, now at 150% Stress and clad in his Claustro steel armor. Meanwhile, Gigantomachia arrives at Deika City and rushes to protect his new master. The remaining League of Villains members flee for safety, and the Meta Liberation Army attempt to stop the giant from reaching Re-Destro to no avail. Tomura makes quick work of the Claustro steel suit and destroys it with his quirk. Ultimately, Re-Destro surrenders and offers full command of the Meta Liberation Army to Tomura, realizing he is better suited to lead their cause. A week later, the two groups gather for a special announcement from their leaders that they are now a united entity called the Paranormal Liberation Front, with Tomura and the League of Villains acting as the Grand Commander and his lieutenants, respectively. 

Amidst the crowd, Winged-Hero Hawks realizes he’s too late to stop the Army from moving forward in their plan to start a war. Between the power and resources provided by Detnerat, Feel Good Inc., access to high-end Nomus, and the Army’s resolve to die for their cause, Hawks decides to investigate who the final backer may be so that he can inform the other Heroes as soon as possible. He deduces that a hospital is involved, but he’s unsure how, so he decides to continue working undercover to gather more information and observe the League’s growth. Meanwhile, Tomura approaches Dr. Ujiko to discuss the evolution of his quirk during the battle in Deika City. Ujiko offers Tomura the opportunity to obtain more power than he had ever imagined but warns him that it will take a toll on his body as he’s tortured for four months. At UA High School, Class 1-A show off their new skills from their work-study programs. All Might meets with Midoriya and Bakugo to share information he gathered about previous One For All users so that Midoriya can begin learning how to use their abilities. Bakugo notes that the quirks combined into One For All aren’t particularly powerful, but they are all amazing together. While Class 1-A enjoys a hot pot meal together, All Might offers to help Aizawa with Eri’s upcoming training. He also declares that he wants to continue living, despite his growing feelings of powerlessness.

Moroha reunites with Yawaragi, her teacher from the wolf demon tribe, years after being sold to Corpse-Dealer Jyubei in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. She tells Setsuna and Towa about her time training under Yawaragi and how her final right of passage involved fighting the kodoku. This demon defeated all others in a battle royal and absorbed their powers. Despite beating the monster, Yawaragi only gave her the sword she promised, and she sells Moroha along with her gambling debts to seek freedom from the iron rat armor. When Yawaragi finally reached the iron rat village, she discovers they have all been massacred, and Kirinmaru’s underling Konton has the key to unlocking the armor. He promised to free Yawaragi from the armor before it shrinks and crushes her, as long as she kills Moroha. In the present, Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa face-off with Yawaragi while Konton watches, the armor key in hand. Just as Moroha summons the Crimson Backlash Wave, Yawaragi pulls Konton in front of her to destroy him instead. Suddenly, Konton vanishes, and the wolf demon cannot escape the attack. Konton appears once more, breaks the iron rat armor’s key, and then floats away in a barrier generated by the blue pearl. In her final moments, Yawaragi expresses her pride in Moroha’s growth and tells her to have strength in her heart. In Food Wars! The Fourth Plate Isshiki and Tsukasa await the judges’ verdict, which will also decide the outcome of the regimental food war’s fourth round. Much to their classmates’ surprise, Tsukasa invites Isshiki to join him in Central to be his assistant because his skill in Japanese cooking is unlikely anything he has ever seen. Isshiki declines, and then he is promptly eliminated when Tsukasa is declared the winner. The remaining competitors prepare for the final round in the regimental food war. Soma and Erina butt heads over strategies and what to make, while Rindo and Tsukasa enjoy a quiet evening of rest. Rindo reflects on the first time she met Tsukasa and their promise to serve on the Council together. She expresses worry for her friend as she remembers the first time he met Azami Nakiri and how Tsukasa is held captive by Nakiri’s influence. 

The Third Hokage assigns a new genin team to Kakashi in Naruto: Shippuden. Kakashi is uncertain until the Hokage tells him that Minato’s son Naruto will be on the team. They both visit the students’ homes in preparation for meeting them. When Kakashi questions why he’s been assigned to teach Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke in particular, the Hokage explains that the trio reminds him of Minato’s old team. As well as the three young ninjas that he trained who would eventually become the most powerful ninja in the Hidden Leaf: the Legendary Sannin. He also tells Kakashi that he is the teacher best suited for Sasuke since he possesses a Sharingan eye. Later, when he arrives at the academy to meet his new team, Kakashi notices a simple prank waiting for him in the doorway. He walks into the gag anyway to assess their reactions to it. Quickly realizing they have no teamwork, he presents them with the bell task, the same one Minato taught him. At first, the three genin failed to work together to retrieve the bells, with Naruto ending up tied to a stake with no lunch. Despite being instructed not to share their lunch with him, Sasuke and Sakura feed him anyway. Kakashi recognizes their team spirit, and he tells them that they have passed the test. In Fena: Pirate Princess, Fena Houtman narrowly survived a traumatizing incident thanks to a boy named Yukimaru. Ten years later, Fena is a courtesan on the island Shangri-La known as the White Marginal because of her long, platinum hair and ethereal beauty. She is preparing to meet the aristocrat who purchased her. She devises a plan to escape her fate as a slave, which begins to fall apart before she can even put it into action. Salman and Otto, a pair of knights who used to serve her father, arrive to rescue her. After Salman stays behind to stop soldiers in pursuit, Fena and Otto are stopped by guards who threaten to kill them. Suddenly, a mysterious swordsman in red armor and helmet-bearing antlers attacks the guards. Fena realizes he is the boy from her childhood, Yukimaru, but he knocks her unconscious without answering her questions.

Chrome reunites with his friends in the Kingdom of Science in Dr. Stone. Senku decides that it’s time to put Gen’s Lillian Weinberg impression to the test against Ukyo’s super-sensitive hearing. Ukyo isn’t fooled by the impression at all, but he lets only Senku and Gen know via cell phone that he can see through their fib. In the end, Ukyo decides to join forces with Senku. Meanwhile, when Tsukasa demands an explanation for how Chrome escaped, his soldier lies about Yo Uei’s involvement, including his untimely “demise.” Tsukasa visits Senku’s gravesite to pay respects to Yo but quickly discovers the cell phone buried in the ground. Goku and Vegeta gather their teammates after spending three years training in the Room of Spirit and Time in Dragon Ball Super. Meanwhile, Bulma searches for the Super Dragon Balls to obtain them all before Beerus, in case he has something nefarious up his sleeve. She joins forces with her old friend Jaco the Galactic Patrolman since her Super Dragon Radar is somewhat limited in its capabilities. They seek the help of Master Zuno, an omniscient being who seems to know everything about the universe. When they arrive at Zuno’s planet, they cross paths with Geppuman, a hoodlum who repeatedly skips paying the bill when he eats out at restaurants. After apprehending him, the pair are granted a visit with Zuno, who tells them they must pay him in kisses on the cheek before he answers their questions. One kiss from Jaco unlocks one question, and one from Bulma opens three. During their questioning, Zuno reveals that the Super Dragon Balls are spread out across Universe 6 and Universe 7, which is why even a God-like Champa had difficulty gathering them all. The two return to Earth and share their newfound knowledge with Goku and Vegeta.

On the newest episode of The Toonami Faithful Podcast, host Andrew “Sketch” Hingson is joined by Bryan “LaserKid” Johnson and frequent guest LumRanmaYasha! The group discussed the latest Batman film that aired on the block, Batman: The Long Halloween (Part One and Two). The group had an absolute blast bringing up characters they enjoyed, fun plot points, and all around, having a great time. Later on, the group does get sidetracked to talk about the latest schedule updates coming in pieces as of late. This episode is one worth listening to if you’re a fan of Batman films!

Toonami Faithful had another opportunity to have a third special FenaCast episode with the English voice of Kaede, Darrel J. Delfin. Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris, alongside Director of Social Media Celia Rose, got to talk all things Fena: Pirate Princess with the actor. Listen can find out about how there’s one point in the actual dubbing where the twins were even mistaken and had Brandon Winckler voice Kaede instead of Enju. Delfin would also continue professing his love for the project and how getting cast wasn’t as apparent as he thought. The conversation is a bit lengthy, but we cannot stress enough to listen to this episode due to Delfin’s amazing positivity and energy throughout the entire interview!

Former staff writer Alien Renegade would post his weekly thoughts after each new episode of Fena: Pirate Princess. And with the series concluding, he wanted the chance to put into words all of his thoughts and feelings. So Alien wrote an excellent review looking at the entirety of the series, highlighting points that the anime did well and lackluster parts. Overall, Alien is disappointed at how things turned out for the series but does hold out hope that a second season (which is not in the works yet) will be made. It could help give viewers more time to digest everything going on and help provide a better landing with what he experienced in the final episodes. It’s a wonderfully comprehensive review that all Fena: Pirate Princess fans should check out when they have the chance.


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