Toonami viewers bid farewell to Attack On Titan‘s final season one last time as it concludes its encore run. Plus, new images from Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop live-action TV series came out and had a lot of people talking! And finally, a fan-favorite show returns to Toonami. Want to know what we found this week? Read on to find out!

Toonami reviewed the video game ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights on the broadcast this Saturday. The game looks stunning, and received a score of 8/10 from TOM. And if you are a fan of this type of genre, it seems to be a solid pickup for the future!

With Attack on Titan nearing the end of its second broadcast, Toonami announced that Dr. Stone Season Two would be replacing it at 3:00 a.m. The property has become a favorite among fans, and it is fun to see Dr. Stone return to the block so soon. Many enjoyed the shenanigans that took place, so adding it back to the lineup again feels like a great comfort choice for fans to stay up and watch.

There is finally a date for the US screenings of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission! Mark your calendars, because the film hits US theaters on Oct. 29 this year. The movie is currently the highest-grossing film in the franchise (at 2.06 billion yen), meaning that fans in Japan have already enjoyed what this film brings to the table. It’ll be interesting to see how well it will perform outside Japan, and if it can garner as much attention as Demon Slayer: Mugen Train did during its theatrical run. 

Fans got a taste of the live-action Cowboy Bebop when Netflix revealed that the series will premiere in November and released pictures of the main cast as Spike, Jet, and Faye. Thus far, fans have had mixed reactions to the images, either praising the characters’ new looks or expressing concern over how they’ve deviated from the anime’s iconic aesthetic. Netflix also plans to release a novel and comic book based on the live-action series that spotlights John Cho’s Spike Spiegel and Daniella Pineda’s Faye Valentine. The anticipation is palpable, and many are interested in seeing how this project will look.

The Japanese website for Fena: Pirate Princess posted their first character promo video, which features Fena, Yukimaru, and the entire cast of pirates who join Fena on this journey. Currently, Pirate Princess is only available for viewing outside of Japan, so promotions are continuing for the anime’s domestic premiere in October. The Japanese promotions are an extra treat for fans who are already watching to celebrate Fena’s adventure thus far.

Were you able to catch Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) when it aired on Toonami? If not, both seasons are now available to watch on HBO Max! Relive Makasu’s journey to beat gods at tennis and prevent the After Life from unraveling. Gemusetto is created by Maxime Simonet, who has been a guest previously on the Toonami Faithful Podcast.

Fena and her crew head for Liber-Oberstein to find the origin of the clear stone left by her father in Fena: Pirate Princess. Worried about Yukimaru’s injuries sustained in Bar-Baral, Fena asks Shitan to help her learn to fight. She practices from sunrise to sunset, with other crew members also offering their expertise and combat styles. Shitan tells Fena about his struggle to learn how to fight and how Yukimaru helped him discover how he could be the most useful in combat. At last, they arrive in Liber-Oberstein, where they meet Arya, whose grandfather is the Burgomaster. When looking through crafting records, the Burgermeister discovers that the stone originated from France and was commissioned by a buyer named Joan of Arc. However, the stone was commissioned five years after Joan of Arc’s burning at the stake. Editor-in-chief CJ reviews the episode in total, which you can read here. Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugo continue training with Endeavor in My Hero Academia so that they can meet his challenge of defeating a villain before he can by the end of winter. Endeavor’s daughter Fuyumi discovers new trainees working at his agency and insists that he invite them home for dinner. Endeavor hesitates at first, reflecting on his family’s dysfunction caused by his hand until he decides to invite the boys over after all. Despite the Todoroki family’s niceties, the tension between Endeavor and his children is palpable to Midoriya and Bakugo. Midoriya approaches Todoroki while cleaning up after dinner, and he tells him that he can choose to forgive his father in his own time. Later, Endeavor brings an offering to the family shrine for his son Toya, who passed away.

Moroha pursues a new bounty in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, this time for one of Kirinmaru’s Four Perils, Konton. She asks her cousins Setuna and Towa to join her, but they briskly brush off her invitation to continue their search for the Dream Butterfly. However, after discussing high payout bounties with Jyubei, the sisters realize they are going on the same mission as Moroha after all. At first, Konton proves to be too powerful for the three princesses, and they fail to defeat him. Then they meet Meifuku, a young meojiu who lost his father when Konton killed him to steal the demon energy in his indestructible shell armor. Meifuku is too frightened to face Konton himself, so he offers Towa his shell as armor while she and the other princesses fight the Peril. Towa uses her ability to absorb demon energy to take back the meioju power in Konton’s armor, restoring Meifuku’s father’s shell so that he can rest in peace. Konton escapes, swearing vengeance upon the princesses. Food Wars! The Fourth Plate brings the heat (literally) as Rindou and Megishima finish their spicy pepper dishes. Tsukasa decides to use four types of green tea in his dish, while Kuga’s friends notice that he hasn’t used any green tea at all despite it being his theme ingredient. While preparing his Perfect Trace technique, Mimasaka assists Kuga by making a smoky soy sauce for him. Much to everyone’s surprise, his opponent Saito offers him a proper knife for slicing tuna, their theme ingredient. He then quickly prepares sushi using Saito’s techniques, copied exactly by his Perfect Trace. All four contestants present their dishes at once, much to Anne’s delight as she thoroughly savors each one. However, Team Yukihira’s strategy to eliminate Tsukasa and Rindo fails when they win their respective rounds.

Black Clover explores Grey’s journey with transformation magic, which closely resembles the fairy tale Cinderella. Like the titular heroine, Grey has a cruel stepmother and step-sisters who ridiculed her and treated her like a servant. One day Grey uses her transformation magic to look like her sisters, but they become so angry that they chase Grey out of their home. While wandering in the forest, Grey is attacked by robbers, but she is saved by Gauche and Marie, who ordered her brother to save Grey in the first place. Meanwhile, Captain Yami faces off against Dante, and his strong dark magic proves to be a challenge for the Dark Triad member. Unlike Asta, Yami has more control over his powers and enough strength to do considerable damage to Dante. Three years have passed since Orochimaru defected from the Hidden Leaf Village in Naruto: Shippuden. Danzo orders Kinoe and other Root members to steal Kakashi’s Sharingan eye to replace his own, which is beginning to fail. Meanwhile, the Third Hokage summons Kakashi to investigate a recently discovered hideout belonging to Orochimaru. He teams up with Kinoe, but Kinoe attacks Kakashi to carry out his true mission once they arrive. Kakashi pleads Kinoe to reconsider as they battle but to no avail. Finally, as Kakashi pins him to the ground and prepares his Chidori for the final blow, Kinoe surrenders and tells the Copy Ninja that he may kill him if he wishes.

Attack On Titan signals the beginning of the end for Eren and the others as the series winds down. Yelena and the Jaegerists imprison people who would stop Zeke and Eren’s plan to activate the Rumbling. Pieck reveals herself and offers to help identify the soldiers that came to Paradis as long as she and her family are spared. Eren agrees, and Pieck leads him to a rooftop in Shiganshina, where Porco waits as the Jaw Titan. Porco bursts through the roof and manages to bite off one of Eren’s limbs. Reiner, returning to Paradis for the first time in years, arrives with reinforcements from Marley in zeppelins, all prepared for their last battle. Editorial writer Umeko reviewed the episode in total during its premiere run, which you can read here. Goku activates Ultra Instinct once more as he prepares to face Jiren for the fate of Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Super. However, Goku still cannot land a direct hit on Jiren because he thinks too much about his attacks, which interferes with Ultra Instinct. Vegeta notes that, despite reaching divine levels of power, Goku’s ascension feels incomplete and hints that he may be able to go beyond the limits of Ultra Instinct. He shouts at Goku from the stands not to give up, reminding him of the promise he entrusted to him by Cabba. Suddenly, white-hot ki begins to radiate from Goku’s body, amazing the Omni Kings. Jiren launches a ball of ki at Goku, which the Saiyan catches and crushes. He then begins attacking Jiren with ease compared to moments before. Beerus and Whis tell their teammates that Goku has now achieved Perfected Ultra Instinct.

In the newest episode on the Toonami Faithful Podcast, host Andrew “Sketch” Hingson is joined by Darrell Maddox and Umeko Long as the three chat about the last few episodes of Attack on Titan that aired on Toonami. The group discusses their thoughts about the familial relationship between Grisha and Zeke, Marley having baseball, and what spinal fluid would taste like if mixed with wine (a genuine question that even Socrates wondered). And the gang goes into detail, asking why Eren felt genocide was the only course of action to save the world and the messy homages and metaphors that have plagued this season. Sketch also took some time to catch fans up with all of the schedule changes coming to Toonami’s way!

What more can we find out about the stone? The question on fans’ minds and Fena, in the most recent episode of Fena: Pirate Princess. While Fena learns how to use a weapon and deal with jealousy from a new female character that popped up, viewers were treated to an exciting chapter of the series. Editor-in-Chief at Toonami Faithful CJ Maffris takes an in-depth look at the new episode as he believes some much-needed mystery was injected in the Adult Swim original. Make sure you give it a read when you get the chance!

This month Toonami Faithful published a brand new behind-the-scenes interview from their documentary, What Toonami Means To Me. Stefan Martello was the guest who was featured and is a must-listen for old-school Toonami fans who grew up on series like Outlaw Star, Tenchi Muyo, and Gundam Wing. Martello had a ton of insight to share with fans and was a fantastic interview to participate in the massive project. If you are interested, make sure to check out our Patreon page!

CJ Maffris, was a guest on Another Day Another Podcast, as he was invited to discuss the first World Martial Arts Tournament on Dragon Ball. As he joined hosts Sakaki and @sniperking323, the group expressed their enjoyment of the tournament, with it being Goku’s first real test of his strength on a world level. While the episode isn’t available to the entire public yet, you can hear what the group had to say if you go over to Manga Mavericks’ Patreon page!

Director of Social Media Celia Rose, Chad from the Macross Mecha Manual, and EXO from Macross Fan Central cover the latest announcements and releases for Macross merchandise, including idol group Walküre’s upcoming third album, Walküre Won’t Give Up, the Macross Delta TV series boxed set, and more. Warning: your wallet may be in danger of buying some cool stuff!

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