Sentai Filmworks ran a short and sweet panel to a pretty crowded room at Otakon 2013 this early morning. They had some announcements and some comments about Toonami.

New acquisitions include:


Sunday Without God

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Fantasista Doll

Rozen Maiden ~ Zurückspulen

Dog & Scissors



Divergence Eve (license rescue).

David Williams and Christian Lopez talked with the audience pretty candidly and revealed the rest of the line-up of releases for the year for 2013, which included titles like Drifters Of The Dead (which is available here 3 months ahead of it’s actual release date) and Gatchaman. They also talked about a new YouTube channel for Sentai Filmworks that recently launched. They plan to have interviews and trailers for their audience and overall Sentai seems to want to reach out much more than usual to their audience.

On the topic of Toonami, David Williams said “I want to sell every show to Cartoon Network.” Hopefully they are making progress with the crew at Williams Street to make this happen, but outside of wanting to do it, they had nothing else to say.