Announced today at Otakon is the new show from director Shnichiro Watanabe. Animation will be done by Studio Bones, and the producers of the show are pushing very hard to get the show on American TV, (especially [adult swim]).

We can confirm that the producers of the show have already pitched it to [adult swim] and Toonami has shown interest in it. This is in no way a confirmation of the show coming to Toonami, and the rights are still very much in the air.

Let me make that clear one more time: Toonami has expressed interest, but there are no actual plans in place to bring it out here yet.

We don’t know much yet, but stay tuned to this article as we’ll update with more information as the day goes on.

UPDATE: Bandai Visual has been kind enough to send us a new promotional image. We will continue to update this article once as receive more information.


Update 2: New Teaser Released Today.