Hey guys, we know a bunch of you are asking about a get together, and we’re making the best of it. Right after the Evangelion 3.0 screening we will walk with as many people as possible to the restaurant…bar…we’re not sure yet (we’ll update this article once we know for sure). But we’ll be right outside the Evangelion 3.0 room as soon as it’s over. Come say “hi!” Come join us for a drink.

Jim and I drink girly stuff so we’ll make you feel better about how manly your drinks are. Ok, maybe not Jim, maybe just me. The absolute best way to know for sure what’s going on is to tune into our Twitter accounts:

Jose Argumedo – @JEArgumedo

Jim Nelson – @ZeroAlucard27

We’ll be sure to update where we are there.

Also, we know a lot of you are going to at the Toonami fan panel on Friday night, but that’s during the Evangelion 3.0 screening, and since we’re reviewing that for the site, we can not attend that Toonami panel. We wish those guys the best of luck and I’m sure their panel will be great. That also ends before Evangelion 3.0 is over so you should still be able to meet up with us.

We’re looking forward to hanging out with you all and I hope you all can make it out to meet Jim and I. Much love, and have a great Otakon!

UPDATE: So, Jim and I have two places in mind, California Taco or the Pratt Street Brewery. Both of them are right across the street from the convention center’s main entrance. Both serve alcohol, but you do not have to be over 21 to join us. Meet us once again outside the Evangelion 3.0 screening and we’ll probably decide from there. If you don’t find us there, follow our Twitter accounts and we’ll tweet out the final location there. Also, keep an eye on this article as it might be updated with the final location. Either way, it will be right across the street from the main entrance of the convention center.