This Wednesday, FUNimation announced that due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, the company will change its dubbing production schedule to allow everyone to work from home for safety. In turn, fans should expect delays to series that FUNimation is currently SimulDubbing, most notably Toonami series Black Clover and My Hero Academia.

Before anyone asks, no FUNimation isn’t outright stopping any SimulDubs they are producing. But fans should expect some delays for many shows and possibly more in the future while COVID-19 is still a significant threat to the world.

We are currently unsure how this will affect Toonami’s scheduling considering two series being SimulDubbed by FUNimation (Black Clover and My Hero Academia) were mentioned in the article linked above. Among other series, FUNimation said that episode 84 of My Hero Academia and episode 124 of Black Clover is when fans should expect delays going forward. Depending on the length, Toonami will have to decide what to do for the future. Right now, there’s a sizable buffer for Black Clover on the block, but that isn’t the case for My Hero Academia. We will continue to monitor the situation and report as soon as we get any new information.

*In the tweet above, FUNimation lists every show that fans should expect delays with*

Toonami Faithful will continue to monitor the situation and report any new information that we come across.