Toonami Trending Rundown for August 31-September 1, 2019

A report on the social media buzz and news from the Toonami broadcasts of August 31-September 1, 2019.

IGPX Promo from Toonami

Toonami has been busy posting a lot of things on their Tumblr page this week and here is a new promo for IGPX that will probably play this weekend....

Akame Ga Kill Promo

Akame Ga Kill is coming to Toonami and its the first Sentai Filmworks show to be on the block. It's a Dub premiere also and debuts on August 8....

Toonami Trending Rundown for December 8-9, 2018

A report on the social media buzz and news from the Toonami broadcast of December 8-9, 2018, featuring the premiere of Megalo Box.

The Intruder Remastered

The first goodie for our special month is of course the first Intruder and thanks to Toonami Digital Arsenal we have a remastered version of it. We will have...
Rating Post

Toonami Ratings For August 28th, 2021

Data from ShowBuzz Daily August 28th, 2021 TimeShowRatings12:00amFena: Pirate Princess418,00012:30amMy Hero Academia377,0001:00amYashahime277,0001:30amFood Wars236,0002:00amBlack Clover213,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden178,0003:00amAttack On Titan137,0003:30amDragon Ball Super182,000

Toonami Ratings For September 15th, 2018

All data obtained from @SonOfTheBronx on Twitter: Son Of The Bronx/Programming Insider Sept 15th, 2018  Time Show Ratings A18-49 10:00pm My Hero Academia 643,000 366,000 10:30pm Dragon Ball Super 717,000 450,000 11:00pm Attack On Titan 585,000 361,000 11:30pm FLCL: Alternative 479,000 302,000 12:00am Pop Team Epic 353,000 206,000 12:30am Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 374,000 201,000 1:00am Hunter X Hunter 335,000 211,000 1:30am Black Clover 354,000 222,000 2:00am Naruto Shippuden 319,000 225,000 2:30am One Punch...