This Week on the Toonami Marathon Stream: Space Dandy

Have you been pining for some Dandy in your life? We know we have, so we are delighted to report that this week's Toonami Marathon stream is the Dandy...

Toonami Trending Rundown for September 27-28, 2014

“This being God, thing…does this mean I won’t have a body anymore? Well, then going to BooBies won’t be any fun. This is the stupidest idea ever. I’m...

Toonami Trending Rundown for August 30-31, 2014

“I got this. Nobody shakes booty like Yours Truly.” -          Dandy, Space Dandy (Season 2, Episode 09) The Toonami Trending Rundown for August 30-31, 2014. It’s Labor Day weekend and unfortunately...

5 Reasons To Watch Space Dandy Season 2!

After a long spring hiatus, Space Dandy is back for the summer with brand new episodes! The first season 2 episode arrived with a one hour marathon of the...

Official Space Dandy Season 2 Animation Details

  Thanks to @Liborek3 on Twitter, it has been confirmed now which directors will be guesting this season and what episode they are directing as seen sure to tell...

Space Dandy Season 2 Announcement To Broadcast On Tonight

  It has just been announced via the Toonami tumblr, that the original Space Dandy season 2 announcement which was broadcast in Japan last week will be rebroadcast on

Space Dandy Marathon To Air On Toonami 4th of July Weekend!

The official Toonami tumblr account has just revealed the July 5th schedule, which as we found out earlier today features Space Dandy's season 2 premiere. But now we also...