After a long spring hiatus, Space Dandy is back for the summer with brand new episodes! The first season 2 episode arrived with a one hour marathon of the last two season one episodes. This allowed many viewers to realize all over again why they enjoyed this series so much before embarking on season 2! If you missed the first season and are wondering why in the world you should stay up and watch a series like this, look no further as I provide five reasons why you should watch the second season of Space Dandy!



5. Season 1 was great!

This isn’t the same show we were cautiously optimistic about in January, we have already seen the staff for this show prove it is something special by providing fun adventures and great comedy while still managing to leave an emotional impact on occasion. As a whole, season 1 was the entire package. It was an amazing, offering just right taste for us to ask for seconds and even thirds.


4. That was just season 1!

There were so many crazy and insane moments you wouldn’t expect from a first season of any series which already happened in Space Dandy, such as ending an episode with characters seemingly dead and the variety conflict resolutions that just flat out confused the audience. From what has been said about season 2, it is assured the series is about to get even more insane. Look no further than the season premiere titled “I can’t be the only one, Baby!” as evidence to expect tales of astonishment. Speaking of the premiere…


3. The season 2 premiere already aired and the internet loves it!

If you missed Space Dandy himself, you will be happy to see the staff of the show saw your displeasure with the hiatus and brought back not only the Dandy man himself, but several versions of Dandy from the vast multiverse! Yes, the multiverse! The season opener was amazing. I and many others were in love with it before the first commercial break even aired! This is already proof that season 2 is bound to be amazing. You must be asking yourself, what need is there to read more reasons? Well, check out number 2..


2. The animation this season will be absolutely stunning!

It has been assured that the animation for season 2 will be beautiful thanks to guest work by Masaaki Yuasa of Kick Heart and Ping Pong fame, Kiyotaka Oshiyama who did Full Metal Alchemist animation work among other things and of course, the legendary Katsuhiro Otomo, director of Akira. Each of these great artists will be doing work on the series! As you can see in our news post announcing the animators and staff this season: even more amazing animators and writers are working on this season!


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1. The best reason to watch? To Support Toonami!

While there are many more reasons I could have suggested as to why you should watch Space Dandy season 2, the main reason in my eyes is to support not only Toonami but the US anime industry in general. This is the first ever simuldub world premiere on basic cable and so far, it is doing fantastic. We want to help keep up that streak for Toonami by continuing to watch new episodes as they air each week! By watching Space Dandy world premieres on Toonami each week, we help ensure a better future for the series, the block and anime as whole in North America!

I hope you enjoyed these reasons to watch Space Dandy season 2! You can watch Space Dandy every week on Toonami right after Bleach and right before Naruto Shippuden, in other words at 12:30 EST/11:30 CST! Do you have more reasons to watch Space Dandy? Comment below and share them!