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Toonami Faithful breakdown everything fans need to know about Toonami and Toonami-related series for the week of 7/11/22-7/17/22

Toonami Ratings For July 9th, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily July 9th, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amPrimal287,00012:30amLupin The Third Part 6210,0001:00amOne Piece169,0001:30amOne Piece152,0002:00amNaruto: Shippuden133,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden125,0003:00amShenmue102,0003:30amAttack On Titan115,000

Toonami Ratings For June 25th and July 2nd, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily June 25th, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amPrimal264,00012:30amLupin The Third Part 6199,0001:00amOne Piece175,0001:30amOne Piece147,0002:00amNaruto: Shippuden122,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden121,0003:00amShenmue103,0003:30amAttack On Titan74,000

Developing News: Uzumaki Delayed Further

We have a sad development to report as Jason DeMarco announced on Twitter that the anime Uzumaki would be delayed again. This will be the series' second...

Toonami Rating For June 18th, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily June 18th, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amPrimal183,00012:30amLupin The Third Part 6152,0001:00amOne Piece117,0001:30amOne Piece109,0002:00amNaruto: Shippuden84,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden93,0003:00amShenmue90,0003:30amAttack On Titan89,000

Toonami Ratings For June 11th, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily June 11th, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amPrimal355,00012:30amAssassination Classroom299,0001:00amLupin The Third Part 6197,0001:30amOne Piece178,0002:00amOne Piece181,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden163,0003:00amShenmue116,0003:30amAttack On Titan104,000

Toonami Ratings For June 4th, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily June 4th, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amPrimal348,00012:30amAssassination Classroom291,0001:00amLupin The Third Part 6255,0001:30amOne Piece226,0002:00amOne Piece190,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden173,0003:00amShenmue168,0003:30amAttack On Titan135,000