Toonami Ratings For October 1st, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily Oct 1st, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amHousing Complex C247,00012:30amYashahime196,0001:00amLupin The Third209,0001:30amOne Piece183,0002:00am184,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden134,0003:00amMade In Abyss110,0003:30am106,000

Toonami Ratings For September 24th, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily Sept 24th, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amPrimal276,00012:30amYashahime211,0001:00amLupin The Third183,0001:30amOne Piece185,0002:00amOne Piece173,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden171,0003:00amMade In Abyss127,0003:30amMade In Abyss104,000

Toonami Ratings For September 17th, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily Sept 17th, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amPrimal215,00012:30amBatman: Hush134,0002:30amBatman: Mask of the Phantasm 171,000

Breaking News: Adult Swim Announces English Cast to Housing Complex C

Through a press release, Adult Swim announced the English cast for their latest Toonami original, Housing Complex C, which is headlined by Xanthe Huynh, Kayli Mills, and Jake Eberle....

Toonami Ratings For September 10th, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily Sept 10th, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amPrimal236,00012:30amYashahime134,0001:00amLupin The Third Part 6137,0001:30amOne Piece121,0002:00amOne Piece120,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden101,0003:00amShenmue83,0003:30amAttack On Titan95,000

Toonami Ratings For September 3rd, 2022

Data from Showbuzz Daily Sept 3rd, 2022 TimeShowRatings12:00amPrimal271,00012:30amYashahime164,0001:00amLupin The Third Part 6147,0001:30amOne Piece139,0002:00amOne Piece139,0002:30amNaruto: Shippuden102,0003:00amShenmue92,0003:30amAttack On Titan72,000

Celebrate Batman Day with Two Films Airing Sep.17 on Toonami

I wasn't aware that every third Saturday of September is Batman Day to celebrate one of the most recognizable heroes ever to be created. Beginning in 2014, part...