Short Video Interview with @Danaisagirl (Dana Swanson) from Adult Swim

The voice of SARA Dana Swanson did a short interview that was placed on Adult Swim's facebook page. If you haven't seen it, here it is. Let us know...

Toonami Faithful interviews Chris Sabat at the Dragon Ball Super: Broly premiere

For the third part of our Dragon Ball Super: Broly premiere interview series, @AnimeSavior spoke with Chris Sabat, the voice of Vegeta and Piccolo, regarding the upcoming film and the Dragon Ball franchise in general.

Exclusive: Interview With ADR Director Alex Von David at Anime Expo

Our forth interview from Anime Expo is with another friend of the podcast and ADR Director Alex Von David. We have been itching to get him on camera for...

Toonami Faithful Podcast Exclusive 38 – Kaiji Tang Interview

Paul seats down with man who won Megalonia, Kaiji Tang. They talk about how he got started in his career, how he got the role of Joe on Megalo...

Exclusive: Toonami Faithful interviews Laura Stahl and Maureen Price at Anime Conji 2019

During Anime Conji 2019, @AnimeSavior talked to Laura Stahl, the voice of The Promised Neverland's Ray and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Hayato, and Maureen Price, the voice of Sword Art Online's Quinella and Hunter x Hunter's Amane.

Toonami Faithful Exclusive: Interview with Megan Taylor Harvey

During San Diego Comic-Con, @AnimeSavior talks to Megan Taylor Harvey, the voice of the FLCL Alternative protagonist Kana.

Toonami Faithful Exclusive: Interview With Toonami @Momocon

As we always do at Momocon, we seat down with the Toonami crew and ask them questions. Did we ask your question? What is Toonami Live? And what is...