ConnectiCon 2016 Interview With Keith Silverstein

CJ and Jim were busy at ConnectiCon as the did a second video interview at the con with Keith Silverstein. He's had voice over roles in shows like Hunter...

Toonami Faithful Exclusive – Live from Otakon 2014, it’s Wendee Lee!

Jim Nelson sits down with Wendee Lee to discuss Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, and other roles in her vast voice-over career. Let us know what you thought of the interview by...

Toonami Faithful Exclusive: Interview with Steve Blum

During San Diego Comic-Con, @AnimeSavior talked to Steve Blum regarding voicing TOM, the host of Toonami, along with a plethora of other roles including Cowboy Bebop. Naruto, FLCL and Star Wars.

ConnectiCon 2016 Interview With Erica Mendez

As we get closer to the end of the year, we are getting all of our interviews out from various cons. This one is from ConnectiCon. CJ got a...

@CrunchyRoll Panel Annoucements

We have been covering panels today then next one we covered was the CrunchyRoll Panel. Here are the announcements from the panel on what anime is coming to stream: -...

MoMoCon and Proudly Present The Official Toonami Panel

The panel video is finally here! Check out all the goodness from MoMoCon 2014! Check it out on the Tumblr too!

Megalo Box 2 is In Production

A second season of the hit anime series based on "Ashita no Joe" is in the works.