Toonami once again returned to Momocon for a panel LIVE on their stream. We were not there this year, but still watched to bring you guys any news. Here’s the highlights:

– Lupin the 3rd is debuting at 2 AM, not 1:30 AM as it was previously announced.
– Hunter X Hunter will stay at 1:30 AM
– The Top 2 most requested shows were My Hero Academia and Fairy Tale along with
JoJo, Super and One Punch Man 2
– The network is happy with how Samurai Jack did.
– Shows that have previously played on Toonami and have a remaster can play on
– The network wants to make original shows for Toonami.

That is all we know from the panel. It was lacking in the announcement department, but we did learn somethings. What did you guys think of the panel? Let us know by commenting below or directly on our social media.