Attack on Titan Final Season Episode Eight Review

The rematch between Eren and Reiner was short-lived and disappointing since I wanted to see if this new version of the Armored Titan was an evolved version...

Developing News: Attack on Titan English Dub Delayed Due to Weather for One Week

Due to the terrible winter storm that plagued Texas, the production for Attack on Titan's English dub will be delayed a week on March 6.

Toonami Ratings For January 23rd, 2021

Showbuzz Daily January 23rd, 2021 TimeShowRatingsA18-4912:00amDragon Ball Super267,00012:30amAttack on Titan274,0001:00amSword Art Online247,0001:30amFire Force222,0002:00amAssassination Classroom183,0002:30amSSSS.Gridman156,0003:00amNaruto...

Toonami Ratings For April 10th, 2021

Showbuzz Daily April 10th, 2021 TimeShowRatings12:00amDragon Ball Super362,00012:30amAttack on Titan308,0001:00amFood Wars287,0001:30amThe Promised Neverland279,0002:00amFire Force209,0002:30amBlack Clover181,0003:00amNaruto Shippuden186,0003:30amDemon Slayer167,000

Who is Reigen Arataka?

Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris dives into the complex character of Reigen Arataka, and how he might be one of the best mentors fans can see in anime.

Toonami Ratings For March 20th, 2021

Ratings Provided by @SonoftheBronx Showbuzz Daily March 20th, 2021 TimeShowRatings12:00amDragon Ball Super351,00012:30amAttack on Titan277,0001:00amFood Wars227,0001:30amFire...

Toonami Ratings For February 13th, 2021

Showbuzz Daily February 13th, 2021 TimeShowRatingsA18-4912:00amDragon Ball Super362,00012:30amAttack on Titan370,0001:00amAssassination Classroom290,0001:30amFire Force251,0002:00amBlack Clover224,0002:30amSSSS.Gridman197,0003:00amNaruto Shippuden224,0003:30amDemon...