Since announced, a lot of you have asked one simple question: What is the Toonami Faithful Podcast Network? Simply put, the TFPN is a collective of 3 podcasts put together into a community of Toonami podcasts. Each individual podcast has its own agenda and even though hosts from those podcasts may show up on the other, nothing will change. Here are the podcasts on the network

– Toonami Faithful Podcast
– Absolution Sessions
– Toonami Show Rundown

We would like to welcome the Toonami Show Rundown into our family. Their YouTube podcast each week extensively talks in length about almost every show that is on the block. For those of you that like show rundowns, this is your show and we encourage you to listen to these guys. In the coming weeks, as well as its social media pages will change into the official site of the TFPN. Please check it out for more info on each podcast and subscribing/following each show as described there.