Fooly Cooly might be over, but it doesn’t have to be for the fans. with the help of our friends at Adult Swim will be conducting a fan art contest to celebrate the return of new FLCL seasons. Here’s how you can enter and the rules of the contest:

1. Each contestant can only send one drawing when entering the contest. Sending more than one picture will disqualify you.
2. Drawings must be appropriate. No nudity, sexually suggestive drawings, etc.
3. Submissions must be emailed to Submitting these in any other way will disqualify you.
4. Drawings must be in a format that will be easy to upload to social media. JPEG and PNG files are perfect.
5. Finally, the drawing must be about Fooly Cooly (FLCL). While Toonami related art can be apart of it, FLCL must be the main drawing.

1. Winner of the contest will get a special Fooly Cooly prize pack, have their drawing displayed on our social media and website, and have you drawing posted on certain Toonami page for all to see.
2. Second and Third place winners will also get a prize pack along with putting your drawings on our social media as well.
3. The fourth and Fifth place will receive a prize pack.

All submissions must be in by Sunday, July 22nd at midnight.

We look forward to seeing all the art that will be sent in!