All data obtained from @SonOfTheBronx on Twitter:

Programming Insider

November 14th, 2020

12:00amDragon Ball Super443,000322,000
12:30amSword Art Online355,000250,000
1:00amFire Force286,000207,000
1:30amAssassination Classroom264,000191,000
2:00amGemusetto: Death Beats261,000176,000
2:15amGemusetto: Death Beats261,000181,000
2:30amNaruto Shippuden213,000155,000
3:00amDemon Slayer189,000114,000

November 16th, 2019

11:00pmDragon Ball Super494,000272,000
11:30amOne Punch Man426,000250,000
12:00amDr. Stone402,000245,000
12:30amFire Force368,000231,000
1:00amFood Wars314,000201,000
1:30amDemon Slayer279,000190,000
2:00amBlack Clover249,000172,000
2:30amJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure260,000163,000
3:00amNaruto: Shippuden286,000176,000
3:30amLupin the 3rd: Part 5240,000164,000
4:00amMy Hero Academia242,000176,000

If you want more data, you can check my spreadsheet here;. That will have further data including per year difference and A18-49 differences.

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