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As we reported last week, Toonami France is up and running with a website and even a promo for the channel. You can see that post by clicking here. Thanks to Turner Broadcasting in France, we have an update. Here’s the Press Release:

Turner France is proud to announce its brand new animation channel, Toonami, which launched tonight.

Known as the “Home of Superheroes”, Toonami is dedicated to delivering the best of action-driven shows and films for kids aged 8 – 12, and of course for superhero fans of all ages! The DC Comics universe will blast onto screens, bringing Batman, Superman, the Justice League and even the Green Lantern for viewers’ enjoyment. That’s not all: viewers will also be able to join the epic adventures of other renowned animated superheroes like Ben10 and Thundercats.

In addition, the “Toonami Movies” block will bring animated feature films to the screen, showcasing even more heroic action for the whole family to enjoy.

This brand new channel will also benefit from an upgraded replay service called “Toonami Max”. Available on ADSL and on cable in HD, the channel and its associated service will be accessible on multiple devices including TV, tablet, mobile and PC.

Pierre Branco, VP & General Manager, Turner France, Portugal & Africa said: “The launch of TOONAMI reflects the value of pay TV and its evolution. With a clear positioning and strong franchises, our job is to select the best shows, to editorialise them and to share them with the widest audience. Through TOONAMI Max, our new upgraded reply service, we are also adapting to the evolutions of video consumption.”

Interesting to see that this Toonami has a movie block called Toonami Movies and a replay service called Toonami Max. Let us know what you think by commenting below.