The Return is over, and we have a new ship for TOM and SARA to broadcast Toonami, or is it? We certainly have a few questions about how The Return ended, but all-new graphics for the block are never a bad thing! We also salute and say thank you to a Toonami veteran who is stepping down from their long history of archiving. And in the anime world, some exciting series debuted a new trailer for fans to get excited (or upset), depending on how you feel. Curious about what we are talking about in this piece? We will tell you everything you need to know on the newest installment of This Week From Toonami!

The block debuted a new graphic package for fans to finish the celebration of Toonami’s 25th anniversary. Although, while it would have appeared to have been posted a bit too early on Facebook, Jason DeMarco took to Twitter to announce what everyone should expect to see once the latest Total Immersion Event (The Return) finished. It was a rather interesting and short event, but it does open up questions about what might happen with TOM and SARA for the next one (which sadly will be quite some time). Still, it’s always fun to see Toonami in a new look, and we love the SVES inspiration!

During a Dr. Stone stage event at AnimeJapan 2022, it was revealed that the anime special titled Dr. Stone: Ryusui will air in July this year. This special will occur after the second season of Dr. Stone (which Toonami fans know well), and a special manga chapter will also be published when Dr. Stone: Ryusui premieres. This last project should wrap up anything new involving Dr. Stone (unless an announcement is made after the special), culminating in what has to be considered a considerable success for science! Hopefully, Toonami fans will be able to stream this episode wherever it lands!

Are you upset? You won’t be for long as a second trailer for the new season of Pop Team Epic was published this week! It will debut in October, and fans also had the chance to watch voice actor Shōta Aoi, whose appearance became a massive hit among fans in the first season. Considering how much Toonami enjoyed broadcasting this series on the block, maybe we could see a return for more memes with the second season? If you’re not upset about that prospect, make sure you request the new season of Pop Team Epic on Toonami’s Facebook page! After all, we need more segments like this to return to Adult Swim!

There have been many rumblings involving the anime landscape, and no, we aren’t talking about Crunchyroll’s decision to eliminate the free ad-supportive viewing on their website. This week the company announced many titles licensed by Sentai Filmworks will be leaving the platform. Veteran Toonami series like Food Wars! and Akame ga Kill won’t be on Crunchyroll anymore, as we guess that these series will likely become HiDive exclusives soon. Still, you have some time before these series are gone from Crunchyroll! While the end of March is quickly approaching, it was nice for Crunchyroll to make sure fans knew of the changes coming beforehand.

Those excited about the newest Prince of Tennis anime (The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup) got to see a new promotional video about the latest installment of the sports anime. In the video, fans could see cast members, theme songs and learn of a premiere time in July! It will be interesting to see if this series would be acquired by Toonami, even though the reputation sports anime has on the block isn’t the most favorable. Still, the fact that a new season after a decade later is being made has to have people excited at what’s to come in this story!

There’s quite a lot of news regarding Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (Gundam IBO) that was announced this week. First, the upcoming nine-part compilation special spinoff for the series will debut on April 5. Sunrise also debuted the new theme song to follow the first part of the compilation titled “The Over” by Re:End. Also, Sunrise released a new visual for the upcoming Gundam IBO mobile game to get fans interested in what could be a fun new game to hit the mobile market. Sunrise mentioned that elements of the game and anime are to be combined to bring together both projects. All of this sounds ambitious, and we are curious to see how things play out as more Gundam IBO will be premiering soon.

Sword Art Online fans have more to look forward to this year as many announcements involving the property were made this weekend. First, a presentation at AnimeJapan 2022 released a new teaser regarding the second Sword Art Online Progressive film Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Kuraki Yūyami no Scherzo, which is slated to premiere in Japan this fall. This same event also showed a commemorative video to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the property (it will reach that feat Nov. 6.). And if you enjoyed the first Progressive film, a home video release of Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night will be available on July 8 in Japan. And for those who are big into mobile games, Sword Art Online will be entering the fray again with a new game titled Sword Art Online Variant Showdown. Later this year, the game will get a worldwide release and is free to play, with in-game purchases available. Bandai Namco will host a live stream on April 2 to provide more information for those interested in playing!

There’s now more information available to show what fans can expect at Universal Studios Japan. We’ve reported earlier about the Hunter x Hunter attraction coming to the theme park this year. Still, other Toonami series like Attack on Titan and Sailor Moon will also be featured till August 28 at the theme park! In the article linked, you’ll see all the trailers showcasing all of the 4D rides involving Hunter x Hunter and Sailor Moon, and a rerun of the Attack on Titan ride that involves both the physical reality and virtual one. It certainly looks to be a lot of fun, and we hope many fans in Japan can enjoy and stay safe while experiencing everything.

Toonami Faithful published a special episode featuring the voices of TOM (Steve Blum) and SARA (Dana Swanson). We had the privilege of speaking with them to celebrate Toonami’s 25th anniversary, where the two hosts discussed the impact of being a part of an iconic animation block for so many years. The two talk about their experiences working with Adult Swim for things like the Total Immersion Events and game reviews, revealing some funny stories behind the scenes. You’ll learn which model of the hosts they enjoyed the most and wish for future content involving TOM and SARA. We hope you take the time to listen to the heartfelt answers from our guests to hear how much the block means to them as it does to the fans!

On the latest episode of The Toonami Faithful Podcast, host Andrew “Sketch” Hingson is joined by Varun “VLordGTZ” Gupta, Happy Kuro Kitty, and Junior to discuss the first episode of the latest immersion event, The Return. That gang also mentions how excited and surprised they are at the three original series announcements Toonami recently made. To wrap things up, the group discusses the last two episodes of Shenmue the Animation, where the group focuses on how a lot of Ryo’s issues are self-inflicted. Make sure you take some time to check out another episode of our podcast when you can!

Ryo has been having some trouble reaching his goals on Shenmue the Animation. Our main hero was typically able to figure out any issue crossing his path quickly in previous episodes, but that hasn’t been the case in Hong Kong. Met with many obstacles, he seems to be having issues learning more of the Wude, primarily due to him quickly judging those on their outward appearance. Staff writer Bryan “Laser Kid” Johnson goes into detail about Ryo’s struggles so far and how much he enjoyed watching him grow in the series (mimicking how it might have felt in the video games). Laser Kid does hope to have things progress a little quicker, but he continues to be thrilled about learning what he missed in Shenmue II. Make sure you catch up on his latest review here, finding out what makes Shenmue the Animation a hit so far!

Earlier, CJ Maffris was a guest on Another Day, Another Podcast, a series looking back and reviewing all things Dragon Ball. In this episode, he joined staff writer Sakaki and Colton to talk about a few episodes from the original Dragon Ball series due to CJ enjoying the tournament arcs from the anime. This episode is now available to the public, so if you’re curious about what the group loved and found fun to talk about, now’s your chance to hear it!

This weekend Junior (formerly known as CabooseJr) announced his semi-retirement of archiving Toonami content for his YouTube page. Instead of getting those out as fast, he will be stepping down and posting things at his own pace. We wanted to take some time to thank Junior for his hard work for the past ten years, keeping records of all things Toonami for fans to rediscover on the internet. Many Toonami fans now can look to Junior’s YouTube page as their way of discovering the block still airing currently and has been (and will continue to be) a beacon for Toonami fans to flock to online. His impact is unmeasurable, and we hope that Junior will continue to be around for all kinds of Toonami moments, even if he’s taking more of an observer role than anything. Check out his YouTube page to see all of the Toonami videos he’s shared over the years, and check out his Twitch page as he creates another chapter in his life as a VTuber on the platform!

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