We finally have the answer to what will replace Dragon Ball Super on Toonami! The answer may (or may not) surprise you. Plus, potential updates on Toonami’s upcoming original series, T.O.M. and SARA review ALBA: A Wildlife Adventure, and more! Read on to see what you may have missed this past week from Toonami.

In a very anti-climatic fashion, Toonami finally updated their schedule for September 18, when they would be replacing Dragon Ball Super with… more Dragon Ball Super, which was confirmed to us by Adult Swim. However, Adult Swim will restart the epic story from episode 27. If you think that’s an odd spot to begin at, you’re not alone. Episode 27 is the conclusion of the Resurrection F arc, which may be a confusing point to start for viewers who have not yet seen any Dragon Ball Super. There have been rumors floating around that Toonami does not own the broadcasting rights to episodes 1-26 based on those episodes not being available to stream on Adult Swim’s website, hence the decision to start at episode 27. It’s a little puzzling, but ultimately Dragon Ball Super is here to stay.

This week, New York ComicCon’s schedule was released, and two panels dedicated to Toonami originals Blade Runner: Black Lotus and the Shenmue anime are listed on the convention’s schedule. Both are scheduled on Oct. 7, with the Shenmue panel at 5:15 p.m. and the Blade Runner: Black Lotus panel at 6:45 p.m. Both panels are listed as virtual screenings, likely because they are hosted by Japanese staff for both properties, and current travel restrictions make it difficult for guests to go and from Japan. If you are interested in attending the virtual panels, you will need to purchase a digital attendee pass through NYCC. Toonami Faithful will report any important information that might come from either panel, and thank you to the folks at Swimpedia for reporting on the panel schedules first!

The iconic adult animated comedy series Family Guy aired on Adult Swim one last time on September 18. Produciton studio Williams Street produced a special 15-second sendoff as a gesture of thanks for being on their airwaves, featuring characters from other Adult Swim programming like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and even Toonami’s own SARA and T.O.M. Family Guy will be moving to FXX and Freeform.

Toonami aired a new game review during the broadcast this week! T.O.M and SARA gave ALBA: A Wildlife Adventure a spin, and both were quite favorable toward it. In this game, you play as Alba, trying to stop a corporation from demolishing wildlife to build a hotel. Players collect signatures, take pictures, and clean up the area to help prevent the development. Sadly, the game is very short, but for each copy purchased, a tree will be planted courtesy of the Eden Reforestation Project. In the end, this video game received an 8/10 score from Toonami.

Sunrise announced that they are producing a new anime compilation of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. This new project will have nine parts that will debut in spring 2022 and preview some of the upcoming Gundam spin-off, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Urðr-Hunt. Still, the current announcement did not give any details about the connection or what fans could expect. Curious about the spin-off project? Anime News Network has all the details about it in the article linked here. But it doesn’t stop there! Sunrise also mentioned that they will be producing a brand-new Gundam anime series (the first television series in the last seven years!) titled Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, due to premiere in 2022.

The wait is almost over, Demon Slayer fans. Well, maybe not for the debut of the second season, but for those who are interested in buying the Blu-ray release of the critically acclaimed film Mugen Train, that wait has nearly ended. This week, both Aniplex and FUNimation informed fans when they could get their hands on the home media release, which will happen on Dec. 21, including both an English dub and English subtitles. There will be a standard ($26.24) and limited edition release ($69.98) for the film, with pre-orders now available on Rightstuf and other anime purchasing outlets! You’ll want to grab yours fast before they are all gone!

Sega released a new update showcasing the Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles video game that will debut in English on Oct. 15. In the minute-long video, fans can see how the project’s development has been going behind the scenes, as well as a closer look at some of the demons players can expect to fight in the game! It’s a very cool video to help get fans excited about the project.

Once again, My Hero Academia THE MOVIE World Heroes’ Mission, reclaimed the top spot at the Japanese box office. Rising from fourth to first, the franchise’s third film continues to climb in both popularity and profits as the fans continue to go and see it. The most shocking part is that this is at least the second time this has happened, with the film dropping before, only to charge back to the number one spot. It’ll be interesting to see the type of reception it will have in the U.S. when the film finally becomes available to be shown at theaters there.

Netflix’s anime YouTube channel posted a video demonstrating the animation process for parts of the Sailor Moon Eternal films. The video presents the original genga and animatics with the finished animated sequences, giving fans an exclusive look into the production process for the film. This video a treat not only for Sailor Moon fans, but also for viewers interested in how anime is made. Take a look at the video linked down below!

A new trailer for the upcoming Sword Art Online – Progressive – film, Aria of a Starless Night, was released on the official Aniplex YouTube channel and advertises and Oct. 30 premiere date. The movie was initially announced one year ago, but has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. The story follows the first arc of Sword Art Online, but this time from Asuna Yuki’s perspective. Fans will meet one of Asuna’s friends, Mito, who introduced her to the Sword Art Online game in the first place. LiSA will be performing the movie’s theme song, “Yuke.” At this time, there has been no word of a U.S. theatrical release.

On Sep. 17, 2016, the Toonami fandom was hit with heavy news on the passing of C. Martin Crocker, who voiced the first host of the block Moltar back when Toonami began on Cartoon Network. Even five years later, fans still are saddened at the loss of the man who shaped some of their earliest memories of the block. Toonami Faithful paid tribute to the contributions Crocker made both during his time on Toonami and other endeavors during his career. He is still missed, and we offer our condolences to Crocker’s family and friends at Adult Swim.

The Bonito II crew is restless in Fena: Pirate Princess since Yukimaru set out to rescue Fena alone. One by one, they decide to go after Yukimaru, except for Shitan, who insists they return to their island lest they be labeled traitors. Meanwhile, Abel tells Fena about her mother until Grace O’Malley and the Rumble Rose suddenly attack the Blue Giant. Abel orders a swift and explosive counterattack, destroying the Rumble Rose. Fena is horrified at the destruction, which triggers memories from the night her ship was attacked when she was a young girl. However, as her memories resurface, she realizes that the “demons” who attacked that night were not the Goblin Knights as Abel had told her, but the Royal British Army. Just as the ship’s captain orders Fena to be thrown into the brig, Yukimaru leaps aboard the boat and stops the soldiers’ advance. When Abel shoots him in the back, Yukimaru recognizes him from the burning ship ten years prior. The Goblin Knights arrive in the nick of time, rescuing Yukimaru and Fena by bringing them back to the Bonito II. Editor-in-chief CJ Maffris reviewed the episode in full, which you can read here! The villain takeover begins in My Hero Academia! While Tomura Shigaraki undergoes intense experimentation, he reflects on the League of Villains’ encounter with All For One’s former bodyguard Gigantomachia two months earlier. Dr. Garaki offered the giant to Shigaraki as protection, but Shigaraki refused, stating that Gigantomachia seems useless because of his intense loyalty to All For One. Garaki uses a Warping Quirk to transport Shigaraki and his entourage to his lab, where he shows them his Super Nomu in development. He also reveals his true identity, Daruma Ujiko, and tells Shigaraki that he’s been observing and testing him to determine if he’s worthy of All For One’s complete devotion. Tomura declares that his hatred will never fade, even after his goals of destroying hero society are fulfilled. Daruma decides to assist Shigaraki, after all. The League returns to Gigantomachia and fights him, which lasts for over a month. Suddenly, Re-Destro contacts the League claiming to be the leader of the Meta Liberation Army. He threatens to reveal their location to the top Pro Heroes unless they meet him in Deika City in one hour so that the Liberation Army can defeat the League as part of their war plan. Shigaraki agrees but decides to bring Gigantomachia with him to serve as a shield while the Liberation Army wears down his stamina.

Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha set out to find the demon Nikosen in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, unbeknownst to them that Konton sent the monster to retrieve their rainbow pearls. When they arrive, the villagers show them that the vegetation on the mountain has shriveled up and died due to a poison mist. Setsuna realizes something is wrong when Towa admits she can’t sense any demon energy at all, despite the air being thick with it. Nikosen attacks the girls, separating Setsuna from Towa and Moroha. As Towa’s demon power fades entirely, they find refuge in a cave, and Moroha uses her spiritual powers to erect a barrier until Towa’s strength returns. Meanwhile, Setsuna returns to the demon slayer village for help. Nikosen finds the cave where Moroha and Towa are hiding. Towa decides she can’t sit around while others risk their lives to protect her, and she decides to face Nikosen without her powers. Just as Nikosen breaks through the barrier, the sun rises, and Towa’s demon powers return in time for her to deal a finishing blow to the demon. The third bout of the regimental food war continues in Food Wars! The Fourth Plate as the judges deliberate Megumi’s and Momo’s apple dishes. Ultimately, they declare Momo the winner, much to Megumi’s dismay. But there’s no time for tears as Eizan and Takumi face off with their beef dishes. Eizan has a trick up his sleeve. However, he decides to use copious amounts of artichoke in his roast beef to alter the judges’ taste buds’ (through chemistry) and sabotage Takumi’s dish’s flavor. Upon realizing his opponent intended to use chemistry to affect his chance at victory, Takumi adjusted his pizza recipe to be eaten as two separate entrees. One half of the pizza features thinly cut beef and ginger, and the other a four-cheese blend. The flavors chosen by Takumi take advantage of the chemical change caused by the artichoke in Eizan’s roast beef, winning the judges over and earning another victory for the Rebels.

The Black Bulls’ victory against the Dark Triad is short-lived in Black Clover. Megicula takes over Vanica’s body, breaks free from Nero’s seal, and attacks Noelle, Lolopechika, and Undine. The girls are severely wounded, and Megicula curses Undine as she lies dying beside her queen. Just as the devil is about to kill Lolopechika, Noelle summons her strength to attack Megicula one last time. She manages to stop the devil, but her mana is completely depleted. Meanwhile, Yami and Dante continue to fight, raising their power levels to match the other. Just as Yami gains the upper hand and lands a blow, Dante uses magic to heal his wounds. Finral attempts to help Yami but decides to hold back in fear that Dante will kill him instantly. Dante unleashes his devil power at 80%, and Yami realizes he has reached his limit and needs help. He calls to Asta, who is lying nearby after being injured in his fight against Dante. Asta musters his strength and joins his captain in battle as the fight against Dante begins anew. Naruto: Shippuden continues its journey into the past when Danzo convinces the council to put the Uchiha clan under ANBU surveillance because he suspects they were involved in the Nine-Tailed Fox’s attack on the Leaf Village. Kakashi is assigned to this mission with Itachi Uchiha, who tells his partner that the Uchiha clan is already aware that they are being watched. Tensions run high when the Hidden Mist shinobi discover that ANBU member Shisui Uchiha uses his ninja techniques on them. Shisui reports his mission a success to the Third Hokage, and then he requests an opportunity to clear suspicions toward the Uchiha clan. Shisui later shares his plan to use his Kotoamatsukami, a mind-control genjutsu, on Fugaku Uchiha to stop his coup d’etat. Danzo meets with Shisui alone and attacks, stealing one of his Sharingan eyes. Shisui escapes and finds Itachi. He asks the young Uchiha to protect the village from the Uchihas’ plan, to preserve the dignity of the Uchiha name. He gives his remaining eye to Itachi and then kills himself, which activates the mangekyo Sharingan in Itachi’s new eye. Now, Itachi must determine his next move to honor his friend’s last wish. 

Senku, Taiju, and Yuzuriha finally reconnect via Senku’s cell phones in Dr. Stone, but a member of Tsukasa’s army, Nikki Hanada, catches them in the act. To save their friends and protect the device, Senku and Gen decide it’s time to break out the big guns, so to speak, by having Gen impersonate pop-star Lillian Weinberg over the phone. Much to their surprise, Nikki is a Lillian Weinberg super-fan, and her deep knowledge of Weinberg trivia almost makes their plan go awry. However, when she hears Lillian’s song from Senku’s glass record, Nikki is immediately overcome with emotion and moved by her precious memories before Petrification. She is so touched that she decides to defect from Tsukasa’s army and join the Kingdom of Science with Taiju and Yuzuriha. Dragon Ball Super kicks off another encore run with a bang, as Vegeta takes on Golden Frieza. He knocks Goku out of the way as Frieza fires an energy blast, deflecting it toward Sorbet and killing him. The Saiyan prince powers up to Super Saiyan Blue for the first time. Because of his extended training with Whis, Goku notes that Vegeta’s new transformation was through his efforts alone, unlike Goku, who first achieved Super Saiyan Blue with assistance from other Saiyans. Vegeta proceeds to destroy Frieza with a volley of punches and kicks. Realizing that he can’t win, Frieza uses his power to blow up the earth and kill everyone living on it. Whis uses his powers to reverse time to mere moments before the explosion, giving Goku a chance to defeat Frieza one more time. Goku turns Super Saiyan Blue and destroys Frieza with his Kamehameha Wave.

On the most recent episode of the Toonami Faithful Podcast, host Andrew “Sketch” Hingson asks the big question on what some of Toonami Faithful staff member’s favorite mechs are. Joined by aficionados Darrell Maddox and Celia Rose, with CJ Maffris tagging along, the group talks tech as they gush about giant robots. It’s a genre that has had a home on Toonami throughout the years and a topic that I’m sure many fans will enjoy listening to (especially since CJ felt like he didn’t belong on the episode).

A new episode of FenaCast also dropped this week as Sketch was joined by former staff writer and musical contributor to the documentary What Toonami Means To Me, Alien Renegade, to gush about the series. The two discuss episodes five and six and what has worked well for Fena: Pirate Princess and all of the mysteries that are cropping up as more information has been given to viewers. You can also take a look and Alien’s thoughts of each episode the day after on Twitter!

What a fantastic battle, and even more thrilling ending on the latest episode of Fena: Pirate Princess. Not only did Abel take down the Rumble Rose in one shot, but it would appear that he and his men might have been involved in the attack that separated Fena and Yukimura 10 years ago! Thankfully, Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris breaks down all you need to know from an action-packed episode in his latest review, which you can read here!

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