After three weeks of using the Toonami stream to marathon entire series, the Toonami stream has switched over to a continuous stream of the most recent episodes that aired on Toonami along with this week’s Toonami Pre-Flight. That’s right, they are encoring every episode that aired on Saturday night’s Toonami for free. No cable or satellite provider login is required but the stream is only available to US residents.

According to Jason DeMarco, the encore stream will run from Sunday morning until 5PM EST on Monday and a Toonami series marathon will stream Monday after the 5PM Pre-Flight until Sunday morning.

Please note that this stream is not counted for the ratings we report every week but watching it does support Toonami. If you have cable or satellite, we encourage you to tune in for Toonami when it broadcasts.

Special thanks to @myanimewaifu on Twitter for informing us of this development.

You can watch the Toonami stream by clicking here.

Let us know what you think of Toonami encoring the entire block on their 24/7 stream by commenting below.