Written By: Darrell Maddox

Ok people this is the long overdue review for none other than the Whiz Kid himself Mario SkyBlew Farrow. The album “The Digi Destined” is a project that SkyBlew worked on with producer Sublime Cloud, but before we get into the review of this album we have to give some background information on this Nerdcore rap artist SkyBlew is from my home state of Alabama but currently residing in North Carolina but despite being in tarheel country he still represents the Crimson Tide as it should be, but he is a humble young man who puts his fans first whenever he does anything with his music, I once compared him to Q-Tip in how his rap style but since then he has truly shown growth and has found his own voice in the nerdcore rap game. SkyBlew has had a steady string of success he has been on several projects with Geek-E Inc. Productions, not to mention this past year in 2013 he got a shout out from Reverbnation as an artist; but this current year of 2014 my boy was featured in Rappingmanual.com for an interview and giving advice to up and coming rappers in the game also Hypefresh Magazine online, and most recently he opened for Sean Price in NYC at SOB’s which SkyBlew said was “a dream come true” what I love about young artist like SkyBlew is the fact he is hungry but as I stated before remains humble, and his notable collaborations with artist like Mega Ran have been beyond expectation. So now it is time to review “The Digi Destined” Mr. Farrow has shown his versatility in this album with him touching on anime and video games, this album has it all sick percussion beats, some smooth 808 bass lines, up-tempo jazzy beats, there’s also some bluesy feels, throwing in some funk and samples from video games as well to round it off into an articulate audio master piece that feeds the listener right hemisphere of the brain where the occipital lobe transcribes the music into a beautiful image of this lyrical Picasso’s message. I have to say my favorite tracks on this album are “Toradora Maybe” and “In The Night” but just to clear your mind “Parrallel Echoes” is highly recommended it has a nice feel good vibe and in being bold this is definitely a track that is worthy for the dancefloor in the club. I give this album a 10/10 SkyBlew has proven to me why he belongs in this world and I feel that the music produced in this album shows his growth and maturity and the collaborations with CJ Suitt, Mega Ran, and Reimei exceeded my expectations, this is easily an instant Hip/Hop classic. If you want to contact SkyBlew you can contact him at @HeySkyBlew on twitter, www.facebook.com/SkyBlewMusic and on SublimeCloud @xSublimeCloudx.