Toonami announced today that instead of replacing Dimension W with a new show, DBZ Kai would get an hour on May 21 only. This means the new show replacing Dimension W will not start until June. Some have asked why is Toonami not starting a new show on May 21 and also why they have not at least announced what that show is. One reason Toonami has not started a new show is Memorial Day Weekend. We will get to what is playing on Memorial Day Weekend in a minute. It seems we have a clue as to why Toonami isn’t playing a new show yet and it was answered on Jason Demarco’s


It looks like whatever the new show is, the can’t announce it for another week or two. Let the speculation begin as to what the new show could be.


As for Memorial Day Weekend, Toonami has decided to do a marathon of Samurai Champloo. We don’t know what episodes they are yet, but when we do we will let you know.

What do you guys think about the new? Let us know by commenting below.


  1. Umm, Hai Hai Puffy Ami Yumi.
    Nah, but kidding aside I’m genuinely curious what it will be. Kind of wanna say JoJo, but another long running show might be stretching it. If it is, indeed, an anime, it will likely be no more than 24 episodes.

  2. I…kind of expected this actually. Kai’s obviously Toonami’s top show, and since the week after is Memorial Day weekend, I figured it wouldn’t be in their best interest to show one episode of Dimension W’s replacement, then isolate it from the rest of the series with the not-really-surprise holiday marathon. That’s what hurt Hellsing Ultimate’s ratings, after all (I think).

    As for DW’s replacement, a lot of people are guessing either One-Punch Man (which I can get behind; I never got around to finishing the series), the new Lupin III show, the new Gundam show, or JoJo. To be honest, though, I’m actually expecting more of a curveball, not that I have a clear idea.

  3. This actually makes sense because correct me if I’m wrong isn’t that what happened with Dragonball. They started it by playing 2-3 episodes then went into the month of movies (December) and it took it awhile to get back on track. But it is interesting that they won’t announce the replacement. Whatever it is I look forward to it.


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