Toonami announced via the latest episode of Toonami Pre-Flight, that Samurai Jack will actually be premiering at 11:00PM on March 11th expanding Toonami an extra half hour. It was previously reported via an Adult Swim bump that Samurai Jack’s new season would premiere on March 11th at 11:30PM which raised many questions about where Dragon Ball Super would air and if expansion was on the horizon but now we can confirm that Samurai Jack will be leading off Toonami at 11:00PM bringing the block earlier than it has ever been on Adult Swim.

It was also mentioned during the same episode of Toonami Pre-Flight that when Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex returns to the block this Saturday at 3:00AM it be broadcast in HD. Every airing prior to this one has been broadcast using old standard definition tapes from the original run on Adult Swim back in 2004.

During Toonami Pre-Flight they also showed off a teaser for Samurai Jack that will begin airing on Adult Swim and Toonami this weekend, with the promise of more promotion for Samurai Jack on Adult Swim and Toonami in the weeks to come.

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