Revised: Since you guys trended #BigO and not #BigOSeason2 on Saturday, we will be going with #BigO from now on. All other hash tags will stay the same. Can we make it two weeks in a row trending every show? Let’s see what you guys can do.

Please note: The trending plans will change once again when Star Wars The Clone Wars starts on Saturday, August 17.

So when should you start tweeting? When Toonami starts on the East Coast. Here’s when you should start tweeting in your time zone in the United States:

Eastern: Midnight
Central: 11:00 PM
Mountain: 10:00 PM
Pacific: 9:00 PM

This is the new trending schedule:

12:00 AM – #Bleach on Toonami

12:30 AM – #Naruto on Toonami

1:00 AM – #OnePiece on Toonami

1:30 AM – #SoulEater on Toonami

2:00 AM – #SwordArtOnline on Toonami

2:30 AM – #IGPX on Toonami

3:00 AM – #Eureka7 on Toonami

3:30 AM – #BigO on Toonami

4:00 AM – #FMABrotherhood on Toonami

4:30 AM – #CowboyBebop on Toonami

5:00 AM to 6:00 AM – #InuYasha on Toonami

If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact us link above to contact us and we will answer your questions about trending. Let’s get every show to trend for the 2nd week in a row