As promised, here is a comparison of Toonami ratings for May 25, 2012 to last years ratings on May 26, 2012. Here is what they were last year:

Time Slot Show Slot Rating Slot
12:00a Bleach 1,060,000
12:30a Deadman Wonderland 860,000
1:00a Casshern Sins 796,000
1:30a FMA: Brotherhood 699,000
2:00a Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG 698,000
2:30a Cowboy Bebop 669,000
3:00a Bleach 580,000
3:30a Deadman Wonderland 560,000
4:00a Casshern Sins 488,000
4:30a FMA: Brotherhood 473,000
5:00a Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG 450,000
5:30a Cowboy Bebop 419,000

And here is May 25, 2013 ratings:

Time Slot Show Slot Rating Slot
12:00a Bleach 998,000
12:30a Naruto 946,000
1:00a One Piece 757,000
1:30a Soul Eater 851,000
2:00a IGPX 653,000
2:30a Eureka 7 621,000
3:00a Thundercats 684,000
3:30a Sym-Bionic Titan 744,000
4:00a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 665,000
4:30a Cowboy Bebop 644,000
5:00a Inuyasha 616,000
5:30a Inuyasha 586,000

As you can see, other than Bleach being over 1 million on May 26, 2012, the ratings for May 25, 2013 were better overall than last year. To be fair, Toonami last year was 3 hours and then repeated at 3 AM. What do you guys think? Comment below and let us know.