#OldSchoolFriday is a new segment we are doing each week bringing you some of the best speeches from Toonami. Most of the speeches/promos will be from when Toonami was on Cartoon Network, but will throw in some TOM 3.5 stuff as well. Let us know what your favorite promos/speeches are. We will do one request every Friday, just make sure you include you twitter and a link to the video your suggesting and send all requests to contactus@toonamifaithful.com. Hope you guys like this new thing were doing, but now on to this week’s promo.

This promo was one, if not the best promo Toonami did when it was on Cartoon Network. Most of you Old School Toonami fans should remember this promo from back in the day. But if you are new to Toonami, your in for a treat. Here it is: Broken Promise Dreams. Be sure to share your thought below and let us know what you thought of this classic promo from back in the day.